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  1. AthenaMusicStudio

    Clover is becoming really slow over weeks.

    Hi to everyone. About 6 months ago, i had problems with my Clover, it was really really slow, taking about 3 minutes before showing me my boot choices. In this time, i needed a new SSD with more space, so i did a clean install on the new one, and the problem was gone. So i suspected it was an...
  2. AthenaMusicStudio

    Which AMD GPU with "budget price" recommended ?

    Hi to everyone. The famous "Black Friday" is coming also in France, and i'm thinking about upgrading my GPU to be able to move to Mojave (& Catalina in the future), for my desktop Hackintosh to be on the same software as my MBP Mid-2012. I actually have a Nvidia GTX-750Ti. It's enough power, i...
  3. AthenaMusicStudio

    About hard drive : WD Blue vs WD Red

    Hi to everyone. I have ordered a WD Blue WD10EZEX from Amazon, but it seems they made an error, and sent me a WD Red WD10EFRX instead. I paid 44,45€ for this one, regular price is 64,13€ But in term of performance in a hackintosh for Pro Audio usage, it is better than de WD Blue ? Should i...
  4. AthenaMusicStudio

    [SOLVED] Sierra : can't boot recovery partition

    Hi to everyone ! I need to boot the recovery OS, in order to enable code injection (for using Xtrafinder). But i can't boot it. Here is a screenshot of the boot using the -v flag : Thanks for your help :)
  5. AthenaMusicStudio

    [Solved] Sierra clean-install on gigabyte Z68x-ud3h-b3 : network not working

    Hi to everyone. I wanted to do a clean-install of Sierra on my z68x-ud3h-b3. Almost everything is working, except the network. The system configuration network tool says "cable not plugged" (and of course the cable IS plugged, it's working with Windows 10 and with my old Yosemite install). Any...