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  1. MadMac1969

    Conversion from Clover to OpenCore

    Hi everyone, I'm having difficulties installing Big Sur on my rig. Catalina runs almost flawlessly, but installing OC has been a bit of an issue so far. Also, Big Sur installer closes and reopens endlessly if I try to update either from the installer or from USB stick. Perhaps changing from...
  2. MadMac1969

    Big Sur installer woes on Aorus Z390 and Clover

    Hi everyone, Running out of options here. Let me give you a quick recap of the hardware and software at hand: Aorus Z390 Pro WiFi + i9 9900K, 32GB Forcing iGPU as the installed Nvidia 3080 is not compatible Gigabyte Thunderbolt PCIe card MacOS is on SATA SSD. Catalina 10.15.7 is running...
  3. MadMac1969

    Thunderbolt EX3 causes Error loading Kernel Cache 0x9

    Hi there, I could really use some help. I can't even boot my Mojave installation since I installed the Thunderbolt card. Here's my EFI folder and the error message Asus WS Z390 PRO Asus Thunderbolt EX3
  4. MadMac1969

    Several issues with my main rig. (WS Z390 PRO + Thunderbolt + Radeon RX480)

    Hi guys, I'm at my wit's end. I really need a hand here. I found only one clover setup for my motherboard, and works absolutely flawlessly for Mojave. Catalina WILL NOT INSTALL for some reason, but let's get to that later. Today I added an Asus Thunderbolt EX3 card, and that won't even let...
  5. MadMac1969

    NUC 8th i7 random reboots - probably a driver issue.

    Hi guys, My NUC boots Mojave just fine, but reboots randomly, especially when using apps with transparency. BIOS settings are fine and general use is as it should be. Just this needs to be fixed, and I am enclosing my EFI folder for you guys to have a look. Other than that everything that can...
  6. MadMac1969

    installation issue

    I am sorry, I am still unable to boot the installer of High Sierra. I told you, I am unable to understand the procedures in the links you provided. I never had an issue with Hackintosh and I'm typing from a flawless installation of Sierra. Here's my config.plist contents. Can you please have a...
  7. MadMac1969

    ASUS ThunderboltEX 3 - Does that work OOB?

    As per subject. I see no reason why it shouldn't work with Sierra, but I just wanted to hear your opinion.
  8. MadMac1969

    Need BT 4.0 module with Handoff, Comntinuity support (Clover)

    Hi everyone, As per subject. An USB dongle would be ok, although I would prefer a PCIe card or something. Is any modification to Clover required? If yes, which one? Thanks!