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  1. zarac

    [In progress] SSDT for Thunderbolt 3 Hotplug

    In your signature there are two Z370 systems, does this apply to both? Or even better, to all Gigabyte Z370 series motherboards that include thunderbolt option? I am in the process of researching parts for my next hackintosh, and thunderbolt with working hotplug is high on my priority list. I...
  2. zarac

    USB drives Not Properly Ejected on wake from sleep. [Yet another solution but this one is free!]

    Just returned from my vacation and found reply from miketks10. Now it works perfect for me. After replacing the rc.wakeup code with the one from post #4 EFI partitions are no longer mounted on wakeup. You made my day man. Thanks!
  3. zarac

    USB drives Not Properly Ejected on wake from sleep. [Yet another solution but this one is free!]

    Thank you for your time and effort put into doing this. It works great. There is only one thing: after waking, my usb drivers are mounted back properly, but so are their corresponding EFI partitions (as I am using GUID partitioned drives). Not a biggie, I can unmount those manually after...
  4. zarac

    343.02.02f02 NVIDIA Alternate Drivers + Security Update 2015-002 = Broken

    Here's what I found on ****** while googling on the subject. It works for me. Edit the file /System/Library/Extensions/NVDAStartup.kext/Contents/Info.plist and change the value for NVDARequiredOS from 14C109 to 14C1510 Then, in terminal, execute touch /System/Library/Extensions and...
  5. zarac

    Is my build compatible?

    Yes, it will work just fine, but don't try installing anything older than 10.8.5 because the kernel needs to have support for Intel Haswell CPUs. There's another thread with confirmed success on that motherboard: The kext for your onboard NIC:
  6. zarac

    Urgent help needed for buying a graphics card

    Well, technically Macs don't require a discrete graphics card. My system works great with dual monitors using only Intel HD 4000 (i5 3570k.) However, iGPU on hackintoshes works only for digital outputs (DVI, HDMI, DP) and since your motherboard has only VGA connector, you will need a discrete...
  7. zarac

    Can I hackintosh my current setup

    Only 10.8.5 comes with Haswell-supported kernel (apart from 10.9GM), so make sure you're not using any older versions when you're installing.
  8. zarac

    AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementInfo.kext (MSRDumper successor)

    No AICPUPMI info after sleep Hello! I have a fresh retail install of 10.8.5 on my hardware. Added only FakeSMC.kext, RealtekRTL8111.kext, VoodooHDA.kext, lspcidrv.kext, and AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementInfo.kext. Flashed the patched bios from ...
  9. zarac

    XFX ATI 6570 (deviceID=6759, dual DVI + miniHDMI, HD-657X-ZNH3) framebuffer personality "disorder" r

    well, since you don't have anything to compare, here is the abstract from the guides I used ControlFlags: Decode the ATI/AMD ROM Output ATY,ControlFlags: 0×0002 : LVDS, ControlFlag : 0×0040 and 0×0100 0×0004 : DVI, ControlFlag : 0×0016, 0×0014, and 0×214 0×0010 : VGA, ControlFlag ...
  10. zarac

    XFX ATI 6570 (deviceID=6759, dual DVI + miniHDMI, HD-657X-ZNH3) framebuffer personality "disorder" r

    is there any framebuffer personality that gives you anything on either dvi port? this way is much harder - there are too many possible ControlFlag/Transmitter/Encoder combintaions to try out.
  11. zarac

    XFX ATI 6570 (deviceID=6759, dual DVI + miniHDMI, HD-657X-ZNH3) framebuffer personality "disorder" r

    Well, HEX editing the personality is just the final part of work needed here. First, you need to check which framebuffer personality at least partially works with your card. Does booting with AtiConfig=Gibba give you anything on any of your displays at all? If not, it would be better to...
  12. zarac

    XFX ATI 6570 (deviceID=6759, dual DVI + miniHDMI, HD-657X-ZNH3) framebuffer personality "disorder" r

    EDIT: ***IMPORTANT*** It seems that this card works (properly) only with Chameleon versions up to 2210. Newer versions (2215 and up) just won't recognise the card and NO framebuffer personality is loaded (regardless of input type and/or number of displays) After reporting ^^this^^ to...
  13. zarac

    Can you help me get my ATi 4850 512mb sorted ?

    Have you installed QE/CI patch for radeons 48xx from netkas' site?
  14. zarac

    SSD + NAS question...

    You can always use external eSata or USB3 drives.
  15. zarac

    About this Mac Font Changed in 10.7.4

    Its magical!
  16. zarac

    SSD Recommendation?

    Instead of naming my favourite SSD, I'll give you some reading material. First thing you should know is that not all NAND chips are the same, and I'm not talking only about SLC vs MLC. Read this very informative article which describes the difference between synchronous and asynchronous NAND...
  17. zarac

    creating a kext disabler

    You should be able to do that using Kabyl's editable Disabler kext. The one I attached disables AppleUserUpstreamClient.kext so make sure you edit Info.plist inside Disabler.kext/Contents and replace every instance of "AppleUserUpstreamClient" with "AppleTyMCEDriver" and you should be ok unless...
  18. zarac

    HD6570 dual monitors / framebuffer personality issues

    hello netgear65, no progress here, at the moment i simply don't have the time to test. currently i'm editing a tv show that airs weekly, and i can't risk breaking my box. is your XFX 6570 the one with two DVI ports and a miniHDMI? if yes, than my solution (once i find it) will probably work...
  19. zarac

    HD6570 dual monitors / framebuffer personality issues

    After getting a miniHDMI adapter I tried what you suggested. I left one monitor connected to the "working" DVI port, and plugged another using HDMI cable with the adapter. Both displays booted to desktop using any of the working frame buffer personalities and with proper detection, but.... The...
  20. zarac

    HD6570 dual monitors / framebuffer personality issues

    I have just tried Pithecia and it is not working properly. The system boots, but something weird happens to the image on the display: it shows normal picture for 2 seconds, and then completely snowy screen for 2 secs (like when there's no program on analogue TV). It loops between the two...