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  1. woodycheung

    After turn on addPNLF in Clover

    After turn on this selection, My screen will get very very dark looks like don't have backlight when the apple logo start loading til I shutdown. If I don't turn on this selection, everything is ok but I use the hackintools to check and find that the display is not internal when open this app...
  2. woodycheung

    Is it possible to enable mx150 GPU on laptop?

    I want to enable my hdmi output Unfortunately my HDMI should be connect with my gpu mx150. So I wanner know is it possible to enable my display card on laptop? My laptop dell Inspiron 15 7580 Thanks.
  3. woodycheung

    About UHD 620 graphics card on Mojave 14.3

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie of hackintosh and I wanna know how to correctly let my laptop fix the sleep problem. My laptop is Dell inspiron 15 7580 here is the spec of my laptop when I try to let the laptop get sleep it will become black screen and I can do nothing for it. Or trying to dim the...