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  1. schoolsearch09

    Best way to partition a 1TB shared Data drive

    You have to format 2 partitions: 1. For Mac os x back up 2. MS-Doc First , open the time machine and pick up your 1T drive and ( I prefer Encryption) check encryption and time machine asks you to format the drive and pick 2 partitons and one for Mac OS Extended .... and another one for MS-Doc...
  2. schoolsearch09

    System definitions

    You don't need to hawk eBay. You can get C910 for $50 from sam club. ... ction=push :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
  3. schoolsearch09


    Re: Trouble after BIOS flash... User DSDT is based on your bios version. I don't know whether you are using user dsdt or else. If everything is working with your previous bios version, you might want to flash your bios back to previous version. Normally , I flash my bios before I install Mac...
  4. schoolsearch09

    ga x58a ud3r rev 2.0 ff bios no auto sleep

    My mac book pro even won't auto-sleep. Use Pleasesleep or sleepwatcher. Let me know if you need a plist for sleepwatcher.
  5. schoolsearch09

    Help With Sleep

    Which one are you talking? Pleasesleep or sleepwatcher?
  6. schoolsearch09

    Help With Sleep

    Have you tried Pleasesleep or sleepwatcher? Both of them work for me. I even have to use Sleepwatcher for my mac book pro becasue it won't sleep automatically. I also notice my friend's mac book pro also doesn't go sleep automatically.
  7. schoolsearch09

    UD3R Setup Sleeps Normally But Will Lose It's "State"

    Try uncheck "Wake on Network Access" in Energy Saver Setting. It solves my case. If you check that option, the machine wake up/sleep every two hours and that causes mount/unmount hardware problem. If you check in console , you will see "wake up reason RTC Alarm".
  8. schoolsearch09

    Very Strange wake from sleep problem

    I also had that problem and eventually figured it out. It is because the default Energy Saver setting chooses "Wake on Network Access" and it causes your computer to wake up every 2 hrs ( you can check it in console "Wake Reason RTC ") and all hardwares can't be remounted correctly . I think it...
  9. schoolsearch09

    Share Your Backup and Cloning Strategies

    I use time machine . I still don't know how to figure out Encrypted Back up . I have two hard drives with one window 7 and another lion. I backup window 7 on mac hard drive and mac on window . I tried to make a free encrypted disk image and try to back up to that disk . My time machine never...
  10. schoolsearch09

    Manual sleep working, but system awakens itself - 10.6.6

    I think every 2 hr RTC Alarm might be "Wake for NetWork Access" . Have you turn it on in Energy Saver Setting? Today I also notice about it in my machine. Here is info ... 1103451497 I might try to turn it off tonight...
  11. schoolsearch09

    Once in While Guest Kernal Panic

    Maybe you were watching moving weekends :D :D . In my case, Adobe flash sometimes crashes and causes Kernal Panics. :headbang:
  12. schoolsearch09

    Manual sleep working, but system awakens itself - 10.6.6

    I am also working to get auto-sleep on my machine. The only flaw is my C910 usb webcam mic not working after waking up . I need to restart my machine. I use sleepwatcher and plist file. Did you check what is the reason of your system wakeup in Console? As far as I know, RTC Alarm for wake...
  13. schoolsearch09

    Lion And Logitech C910

    I have the same webcam. Why did you install the driver from Logitech? In my system , it works right out of the box. The only thing I need to do is I need to restart my system. The other thing is it's mic is not functional after waking up from sleep. That is the only problem. Here is the pro...
  14. schoolsearch09

    MultiBeast profiles - System Definitions

    So if you change the setting to Mac Mini via Multibeast? you were able to boot ok? Sounds like the problem I am having with my Z86 mb HD3000. I understand Lion supports the HD3000 better. Yes that is the only way I am able to get into Lion. If I set to MacPro , I get stuck at ":beachball...
  15. schoolsearch09

    Dual Boot Windows 7 & Lion on Different Hard Drives

    And have you also tried Window backup? It won't back up system image with window 7 . I also press F12 and pick to the drive. Moreover , you might notice if you use Chimera and boot from system reserved drive , it takes longer than usual. Any way , I am not a frequent wnidow 7 user. :mrgreen...
  16. schoolsearch09

    MultiBeast profiles - System Definitions

    Yeah I also have to use mac Mini to be able to use HD3000. When I changed to MacPro3 , my computer is stuck at grey screen with stop-spin. I would love to see my system as macPro but no luck. :banghead: :banghead: :banghead: I need 6850 :beachball:
  17. schoolsearch09

    USB drive causing KP when going to sleep. Help!

    Maybe you should uncheck "Put the hard disk(s) to sleep when possible " in Energy saver.
  18. schoolsearch09

    Stuck with installation (UniBeast)

    I chose Prot 2 for SATA (first blue one) and for pci card ,you should look at the motherboard manual in PCI section or motherboard layout. Check this post. He also had problems installing lion.
  19. schoolsearch09

    Stuck with installation (UniBeast)

    Have you been able to format your new ssd? Did you get the error message in which state? Just after making partition??? Or maybe you should redownload Lion and make USB drive again.
  20. schoolsearch09

    Unibeast Fails when installing to USB

    Redownload the Lion??