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  1. ski4evr

    Long 15 Second "Pause" During Boot

    OpenCore 0.6.7 Big Sur 11.2.3 (20D91) GA-Z97n-WiFi i7 4790K LGA1150 Haswell HD 4600 BCM94352HMB (Card: Half Size mini-PCIe; Network Slot on board) During boot, I get a long 15 second pause with the apple progress bar after a few seconds of movement. Then, the screen goes black and the apple...
  2. ski4evr

    Can't Turn Bluetooth Back ON After Turning it OFF

    I was troubleshooting getting my Apple Watch to unlock my hackintosh. In the process, I turned off Bluetooth (I have a DW1560 card in my GA-Z97n build). I can't turn it back on! I get the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar with a zig-zag line through it. It no longer shows up in System Profiler...
  3. ski4evr

    Apple Watch Unlock Inconsistent

    I have a handful of builds. GA-z77n, GA-z97n, GA-z170n, Asus z390i. On each of them I can get my Apple Watch to unlock the computer once and then it can't do it again. Handoff usually works on all of them. Airdrop usually works on all of them. I say "usually" because more often than not, I...
  4. ski4evr

    Windows 10 Install USB Creation - Older Hacks and Newer Hacks

    I have a few older builds (GA-z77n and GA-z97n) and a few new builds (GA-z170n and ASUS z390i). The last time I installed Windows 10, it was Windows build 1809. I created the Windows 10 usb install thumb drive on one of my hackintoshes. I don't recall the specific process, but I used Terminal...
  5. ski4evr

    << Solved >> Catalina USB Install Thumb Drive Stopped Mounting

    I created an install usb with the recent 10.15.3 and UniBeast 10.0.0. All went well. I went to drag and drop MultiBeast to the thumb drive and the thumb drive unmounted giving me the warning “Disk not ejected properly”. I can’t get it to remount. I can get it’s EFI partition to mount with EFI...
  6. ski4evr

    USB Thumb Drive Icons

    I've been erasing and formatting thumb drives for a while now. I recall that all the thumb drives I've formatted as Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and GUID Partition Table show up as Orange icons after they mount on the desktop. Now, most of mine are showing up as White icons. Did something...
  7. ski4evr

    Has Anyone Seen Rehabman?

    I've been following this website / forum for a long time. One significant resource is @RehabMan. I stumbled across a thread that stated he was last seen on the forum in the beginning of April. Is he ok. Concerned member.
  8. ski4evr

    Motherboard speaker for POST Beep Codes

    I ordered some speakers from amazon to troubleshoot a hardware problem my son is having with his GA-Z170n-Gaming 5. PC Internal Speakers There is a connection on the GA-Z170n-Gaming 5 motherboard for them, so I should be good to go. However, they were cheap, so I bought the 10 pack thinking...
  9. ski4evr

    Panic then Reboot When Switching Monitor Inputs

    I started this thread in the "General" section because I wasn't sure what the specific cause was. I've now narrowed the panic and reboots to whenever I change the inputs on the two monitors from the hackintosh (HDMI) to the regular PC (DisplayPort). I have two computers connected to dual...
  10. ski4evr

    Panic then Reboot - How to Read Panic Reports

    How do I decipher the attached Panic Reports to find my problem? They both say: timed-out during locked wait after NMI say after some gibberish, followed by some more gibberish and then all of my kexts. What does this mean? If anything? I have two computers connected to dual displays. A...
  11. ski4evr

    << Solved >> Clover Configurator Won't Open Config.plist

    I've been using Clover Configurator on my builds for several years now. I went to tweak some settings in one of my builds and Clover Configurator will not open my config.plist on the mounted EFI partition. And it's the one I'm booted into. I'm using Clover Configurator I mount the...
  12. ski4evr

    << Solved >> Where did the threads I'm "following" go?

    With the new update, I can't find a way to see the threads I'm following anymore. How can I see them? Also, is there a way to view posts that "I" have "liked"? I can see who's "liked" my posts, but not the other way around.
  13. ski4evr

    << Solved >> Audio Device Names in another language

    I'm not sure when it happened. It was not that way originally after my post install of Mojave 10.14.1. Maybe it happened after the upgrade to 10.14.2. My device names started showing up in another language. I removed the AppleHDA.kext from S/L/E and reinstalled it from a backup file of the...
  14. ski4evr

    HDMI Volume Control

    Has anyone used this app to control HDMI volume? I've used soundflower on another build, but it's old software. I've also used MonitorControl.osx, but it's menu driven and not the keyboard hot keys.
  15. ski4evr

    [Solved] No Internet after Wake from Sleep

    I'm posting this even though it's already resolved as information to anyone else that's upgraded to Mojave. This build is a GA-H97n-wifi board. I've not had this ethernet issue with previous versions of Mac OS. I've always used AppleIntelE100e and AtherosE2200Ethernet kexts in the L/E folder...
  16. ski4evr

    [Solved] Safari Freezes on Certain web pages Requiring a Reboot

    When I go to certain webpages that have streaming videos (I think the videos are to problem), Safari freezes the computer and requires a hard reboot. I installed Mojave Beta and then upgraded to the New Release today. I'm assuming this happened on the Mojave Beta as well ( I just didn't...
  17. ski4evr

    [Success] GeForce GTX 1060 - DisplayPort Stopped Working Out of the Blue

    I've had 10.13.1 working completely for several weeks. I've been using the display port on the GTX 1060 graphics card and using the audio through the monitor. Out of the blue, the display port stopped working. I had to switch over to the the HDMI cable. After booting successfully on HDMI, I...
  18. ski4evr

    [Success] EVGA - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Install Help

    I have the following up and running: GA H97n-WiFi i7 4790k using the built in Intel graphics with High Sierra 10.13.1. All works well. I followed the current Unibeast Install with Multibeast 10 Post Install maintaining HFS+. How do I add the graphics card? At what point do I...
  19. ski4evr

    Bluetooth not working Z170N-Gaming 5 Broadcom BCM94352Z El Cap

    I have: GA-Z170n-Gaming 5 i7 6700K EVGA GTX 950 BCM94352z NGFF M.2 Fresh install 10.11.6 using ammulder's guide I installed in s/l/e using kext beast: BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext BrcmPatchRAM2.kext...
  20. ski4evr

    Dual Boot ML and Lion off same SSD

    I'd like to install ML on a separate partition of the SSD. I currently have this setup running Lion on a SSD: ASUS P7P55D-e Pro (1502 Bios) GeForce 9500 GT Intel i7-870 Lynnfield 2.93GHz Can I get both Lion and ML running on the 1502 Bios or do I need to update to the 1602 Bios...