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  1. nutjob

    Pixelbook Hackintosh?

    Has anyone tried to install on the latest Google Pixelbook laptop?
  2. nutjob

    Acer C7 Chromebook Compatibility

    The new Acer C7 Chromebook looks like a rebadged Aspire One 756 at a lower price ($200), with somewhat lower performance: People have had success with the 756 but without graphics acceleration...
  3. nutjob

    Chimera 1.91 Video Torture Test: 4 cards, 5 Screens, 1 Issue

    As soon as I found out that Chimera supports multiple cards I ordered a couple of GeForce 8400 GS's to complement the 2 I already had to support my 7 screen setup. I put all 4 cards into my GA-X58A-UD3R board and plugged in 5 screens (I am missing some HDMI adaptors for the two other screens)...
  4. nutjob

    5 Screens on a Radeon HD Card (especially 6870)?

    I've got a 5 screen setup which I'm currently driving using DisplayLink USB dongles and I want to move to a decent card which supports 5 monitors. Has anyone actually achieved this in practice? I read conflicting reports stating that the card supports only 4 or 5 monitors, although it has 5...