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  1. dragonuk

    Probbok 4330s - Everything fine but Jerky Touchpad ??

    Ok this is annoying me a little . I have a probook 4330s with ati graphics but I have disabled that and use just the intel graphics. Now everything seems to work fine, the only think is the touchpad. When you move the cursor with it, its jerky. Before you use probook installer its worse, but...
  2. dragonuk

    Someone compile this kext please

    Can someone compile this kext please. I don't want to install all of Xcode just to compile this. Is the way above the best way to disable turbo boost and stop the x28 multiplier ? Thanks
  3. dragonuk

    New to this, New Install - Working good but few questions :)

    Hi everyone, I have a HP Probook 4330s. I followed Guide 3 on this forum and got lion installed. Had a bit of trouble going through the installer. Would just get black screen had to plug in a hdmi lead which seemed to reset stuff, but now since I have installed the pro book installer it seems...