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  1. mihael

    I have no sound after sleep ACL282

    Hello! I have no sound after sleep. ALC282. I tried to use latest version and right configured EAPDFix, but no luck. Does anybody know how to fix this issue? Maybe DSDT patch needed?
  2. mihael

    How to make keyboard backlight work?

    Hello! I use VoodooPS2Controler to enable keyboard in my laptop. Keyboard backlight must enable with buttons Fn+F10, but it doesn't. What do I need to do to make it work?
  3. mihael

    Fans in OSX won't work

    Fans and I2C touchpad fully works in Ubuntu. This is video demonstrate it RehabMan said: Ubuntu probably has support for ACPI-based fan control. Not so much OS X... You need to find a way to make the EC control the fans without OS support...
  4. mihael

    How to make DSDT patch for ALC282

    Hello! I have ALC282 sound card and want to patch DSDT for enable sound in OSX 10.9.3. What do I need to do?
  5. mihael

    Help me to patch my DSDT

    Hello! I get my original DSDT and SSDT with Clover by pressing F4 button. Inside /CLOVER/ACPI/origin folder I decompile with command: /Applications/ -da DSDT*.aml SSDT*.aml And now if I open DSDT.dsl and press Tools->Compile I see 23 errors (screenshot...
  6. mihael

    Synaptics Clickpad on I2C

    [Unsolved] Synaptics Clickpad on I2C Hello! Clickpad on my laptop connected with I2C. Can anyone help me found kext for using my clickpad in OSX?