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  1. CrispyXUK

    Boot0:donexV[insert giberish here]

    Hi guys, Any seen this error after installation? I've tried the dd =if fix and it doesn't work, at a bit of a loss really. I have recently upgraded to a crucial M4 256GB SSD and an ATI7970 GB Card, but I can get the system to boot via my unibeast installer disk, any ideas? Here's an...
  2. CrispyXUK

    No Wake from Sleep After 10.7.4 Update

    My machine no longer wakes from sleep, I just get a black screen and it doesn't show on the network. This is with the latest DSDT (F11) i5 2500k SSDT, fakeSMC + plugins, patched AppleHDA. I'm at a loss as to how to fix this, any ideas?
  3. CrispyXUK

    Changed system definition - now can't boot

    Any suggestions on how I can change it back considering I can't get into the system? -v and -x don't work.
  4. CrispyXUK

    xMove to USB Drive

    Can we use xMove to a USB drive and install from that? Cheers
  5. CrispyXUK

    DVD Auto-Sleep issue cheat :D

    So, for those that don't have Sony or Pioneer drives you'll find that auto sleep doesn't work, I may have found a cheeky way to fix this. I've noticed that since I've had The Matrix (region 1) DVD in my drive that auto-sleep now works. Crazy eh?
  6. CrispyXUK

    Wake from sleep loop.

    Hi Guys, When my system sleeps over night, sometimes it gets stuck in a loop waking up which needs me to hard power it off and on again, this doesn't happen if the machine only sleeps for an hour or so which is odd. System is i5 760 GA-P55-UD5 (F10 BIOS) Radeon 5770 Generic DVD drive. Using...
  7. CrispyXUK

    Crispy's P55-UD5 & 5770 Build

    Ok, this one is stupidly easy once you've built the machine; BIOS Settings: Sata to AHCI HPET to 64-bit Update BIOS firmware to f10 OSX Install 1. Start up with iBoot and install OSX as usual, then update to 10.6.5 and restart. 2. Run multibeast with the following settings; ticked - userdsdt...
  8. CrispyXUK

    Back To My Mac

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has managed to get BTMM working on a hackintosh? It's greyed out on my system, but is running fine on my real macs. Using the Realtek kext from multibeast 3.0.3 btw.
  9. CrispyXUK

    Can't get Realtek ALC889A codec to work

    Hey guys, Finally got my build up and running but am totally struggling with audio, must have reinstalled the system 4 times tonight trying to get it going, using multibeast 3.03 on p55-ud5 /brain aches :D
  10. CrispyXUK

    My second build, graphics advice.

    Hi guys!! Looking at building this system; Gigabyte GA-P55-USB3 P55 Corsair 4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 1600MHz/PC3-12800 XMS3 i5 Memory Kit Intel i5 760 2.8GHz Socket 1156 8MB L3 Cache Retail Boxed Processor I've come a little stuck at choosing graphics, I'll be doing a bit of gaming, my previous card...