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  1. keysdude


    Wow! Really? Ok, thanks for the feedback. I just ordered an 1156 where I've had good success. Thanks again.
  2. keysdude


    Yes, the Windows side can boot just fine (by hitting F12 to select the Windows HDD). The strange thing is that the iBoot cd will also not boot.
  3. keysdude


    It seems that I can't even get that far. I get the "Loading Operating System...... Disk error, Press Any key to restart". I get this message when trying to boot from the hard disc, and also from the iBoot cd. Strange. Something tells me that building LGA1155's aren't as stable as the 1156's.
  4. keysdude


    CPU: 3.1 GHz i5-2400 Quad on GA-H67-UD3H-B3 Graphics: Nvidia 512mb, 9500GT 1gb This is crazy! I built the Sandy Bridge system noted above and everything was fine for about a month. Now, the system won't boot from the hard disk, nor from iBoot (3.0). It sounds like a Bios setting that may...
  5. keysdude

    HD5770 SAPPHIRE Flex

    Try disengaging the Energy Saver under System Preferences. Your system may be trying to go to sleep per the saver savings, but just locks up at the time specified.
  6. keysdude

    Infinity looping at Apple screen after 10.6.7 update

    Heckoman, I'm installing the same motherboard with a 9500GT video (512 mb). I got the ehternet and sound to work with Multibeast 3.5.1. For Network, install the Realtek Gigabit, and for sound install the Voodoo HDA 2.7.2.
  7. keysdude

    Dual boot on SSD an HD question.

    Sweet! Thanks, Notshy. Appreciate the feedback. :thumbup:
  8. keysdude

    Dual boot on SSD an HD question.

    Good idea on the separate drives. Question: is there any OS order of loading that has to be followed when using different drives? For example, when using one drive, many have stated to load Windows 7 first, and then to load OS X. Are boot problems then mitigated when having separate drives...
  9. keysdude

    Need help!!

    Since you're reinstalling everything, have you repartitioned (not just format) your drives just to make sure that everything has been wiped out? If iBoot doesn't work at the moment, how did you initially get the your system installed successfully?
  10. keysdude

    GA-P67A-UD4-B3 F2 + i5 2300 No Love

    Dumb question - when running MultiBeast, did you also check System Utilities after running SandyBridge? I don't have the exact same system, but have had success when doing this.
  11. keysdude

    Will this work?

    You may get faster replies if you can list out the specs of your proposed system as opposed to having links to view them. By the time one clicks on the links to read the details, going back to your questions to post a replay may not be of paramount importance. Just a suggestion. Good luck.
  12. keysdude

    Black Screen with Mouse Cursor After Boot

    Kick butt! Congrats! :headbang:
  13. keysdude

    Power settings & Sleep

    I'm in the same predicament without being able to boot from hard disk and no sleep working function. Until the sleep is resolved, I just disabled my "Energy Saver" in System Preferences (set to "Never") to avoid the system freezes from inactivity.
  14. keysdude

    [solved] - no sound and boot fail after ALC8xxHDA update

    Re: no sound and boot fail after ALC8xxHDA update :( Ah....good to know. Thanks Karacho. I'm still new at this stuff. :)
  15. keysdude

    [solved] - no sound and boot fail after ALC8xxHDA update

    Re: no sound and boot fail after ALC8xxHDA update :( Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU 'managedemo' for the tip! :clap: Google code voodoo package worked to restore good audio on my newer system (GA-H67-UD3H-B3, i5-2400 cpu, 9500GT video card). :thumbup: 10.6.7 appears to be working smoothly now.