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  1. pit512

    Solved > BS installation attempts end up with a blank grey screen!

    Hi all, I recently started using OpenCore 0.6.2 on my Skylake build (thanks to @Henties) and decided to try Big Sur Public Beta. Unfortunately, each installation attempt ends up on a blank grey screen with a movable pointer and I get stuck there... Oddly enough, for a fraction of a second, I...
  2. pit512

    << Solved >> Cannot install Security Update 2020-001 (and 002) for Mojave

    On my Skylake rig, the update stalls after the first reboot at the very beginning of the process (no disk activity). I left it 1 hour to be sure, but nothing happens and I have to force a reboot. I have tried to update via SU preference pane, with the standalone installer, by creating a new...
  3. pit512

    After 10.14.6 Update Get "Bluetooth: Not Available" After Wake Up From Sleep

    Edit January 2021: This is (was) on a Gigabyte Z170X-UD3 with a BCM94360CS2 on a PCIe adapter Update went smooth, everything works as before... except for a "Bluetooth: Not Available" after wake up from sleep. In fact, I have this issue since 10.14.6 public beta 3 or 4. A restart solves the...
  4. pit512

    Asus VivoPC (VM62) can't sleep!

    Hi, Hope you guys could help me to solve this sleep issue on an Asus VivoPC VM62. Here are the specifications of this mini PC: • Haswell Core i3 4005U / 8GB RAM • AzureWave AW-CE123H (BCM94352HMB) Wifi/Bluetooth half mini PCIE replacement card • Latest High Sierra 10.13.6 (17G6030) on SATA SSD...
  5. pit512

    [Solved] Kernel Panic at boot after 2018-001 Security Update and subsequent Nvidia Web Driver update

    On my "Hackintosch VII" Kaby lake rig, after the 2018-001 Security Update and subsequent Nvidia Web Driver update, I get a Kernel Panic at boot involving AppleMobileFileIntegrity and corecrypto, as you can see on the attached picture... WTF? Thanks for any help!
  6. pit512

    Black screen when booting from Ubuntu Live USB stick

    Hi! I've try Rufus on Windows 10 and Unetbootin on macOS to create the bootable USB, none stick works... I get the menu on a black background and choose "Try Ubuntu without installing", but then all I get is a black screen. What am I missing? Thanks!