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  1. dakotar

    Can't boot Unibeast 1.4 from USB

    I would format your USB again. did you format it titled USB with Mac (journaled) and MBR?
  2. dakotar

    Dakotar's Build-i5 2500K-Maximus V Gene-16GB-560Ti-DSDT Free

    Dakotar's Build - Core i5 2500K - ASUS Maximus V Gene - 16GB RAM - Nvidia GTX 560Ti - DSDT Free Components Intel Core i5-2500K ASUS Maximus V Gene mATX MB Mac...
  3. dakotar

    An easier way/button for marking Topics "Solved"

    Based on, they have a button "Mark this thread as solved" which I believe would be a lot easier than editing your original post with the [SOLVED] brackets. Just my 2 cents.
  4. dakotar

    [SOLVED] Device ID for ASUS GTX 560TI TOP Edition?

    Hello, I'm trying to make my asus GTX 560TI work on my newly running lion install, when I go to Edit the Nvidia kext with a wide variety of other Id's it still doesn't work. If anyone could help me, I'd apreciate it! :?:
  5. dakotar

    [SOLVED] First time with a custom Built Intel PC, what next?

    So I bought an Intel Core i5 2500K and the ASUS Maximus Gene V ROG Motherboard for $230. :) And I've always wanted a custom hackintosh machine, so I was wondering if all my components are supported 100% (Sound card can be removed if not supported). *Intel Core i5 2500K (Overclocked of course)...