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  1. Thedarkbobman

    Where do i get the OS X Yosemite installer?

    I have the original OS X Lion installer from a while back, but i don't seem to have the Yosemite one. I am also running Yosemite and can't find a way to get the installer. When i try and create a new unibeast bootable drive, i can only create one for lion. Where do i get the installer for Yosemite?
  2. Thedarkbobman

    Is the FANGBOOK EVO HX7-100 GAMING LAPTOP hackintoshible?

    Hi. I was wondering if I can hackintosh the Fangbook Evo HX7-100. Here is the link that has the laptop and the specs. If not, can you recommend any other good gaming hackintosh laptops that are around 1,000 - 1,500...