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  1. da-fuzzio

    Chimera 2.1 Now Available With Haswell CPU Support

    Excellent! Thanks but will wait to install this one Mavericks is out. Excellent news something to look forward to!
  2. da-fuzzio

    OS X 10.8.4 Update

    Article: OS X 10.8.4 Update Thank you did just that and everything is working! so the update was a success afterwards I had to update the cuda drivers but all good. Intel Core i7-3770K Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H Sockel 1155 Mainboard EVGA NVIDIA GTX 660 SC thanks again John V! :thumbup:
  3. da-fuzzio

    OS X 10.8.4 Update

    Stupid question about reinstalling the audio driver with multibeast since after the update via the app store the audio is gone same as : "Worked fine from app store just reinstalled the Audio from multibeast..." When I do it do also have to reinstall all the other drivers as well or is ok just...
  4. da-fuzzio

    MultiBeast 5.3 Update

    Thank you! and as always a thousand thanks for the great work!!