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  1. wowoowowo

    << Solved >> Still waiting for boot device with jumbled up text and cross

    Hello, I ran into this same issue about a year ago with Mojave and just kind of gave up, but now I'm trying to install Catalina and its doing the exact same thing. Its giving me "Still waiting for boot device" with jumbled up text and the error cross. I foud this post when looking for the error...
  2. wowoowowo

    Mojave USB installer crashing at 2 minutes left

    My Mojave installer from the usb (hasn’t restarted yet) keeps crashing at 2 mins left... here are the logs And the whole screen I will post my clover config file in just a bit
  3. wowoowowo

    Trackpad, keyboard & USB devices not working

    I am trying to "hackintosh" a 2008 macbook with clover to run a newer OS than its supposed to (is not supported with any dosdude1 OSX patches). I have done this with an iMac and it worked flawlessly, but my macbook's keyboard & trackpad don't work, I have tried using an external mouse or...
  4. wowoowowo

    macOS 10.14 Installation giving jumbled up text in verbose+safe mode and circle with cross

    When I boot into the macOS 10.14 Installation in verbose and Safe Mode I get the circle with the cross and jumbled up text: I am guessing this is due to the flash drive being corrupt, but i wanna make sure before I take an hour to reflash the install
  5. wowoowowo

    Mojave not booting

    I updated to Mojave and it showed no signal on my monitors, so i booted into the restore partiton and it says "An internal error occurred while preflighting your volume for APFS conversion." anyone know how to fix this?
  6. wowoowowo

    [Solved] When computer sleeps I cannot wake it up

    Hello, whenever my hackintosh starts sleeping I cannot wake it up via power button, keyboard or mouse
  7. wowoowowo

    Is it normal for Clover to take 5-10 minutes to load?

    Hello, I used UniBeast to put a macos installer on a flash drive and it takes 5-10 minutes for the clover boot picker screen to come up, is this normal? if not how can I fix it?
  8. wowoowowo

    Installation USB hanging at apple logo

    I am trying to install High Sierra on my PC and its hanging on the apple logo at 1% loading, I have tried enabling verbose mode and the Clover bootloader hangs