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  1. Mattuz

    Intel I-225V ethernet not working

    Hello guys, after quite some time I decided to make an hackintosh again using my current rig. I have an Asus B550-E motherboard which has an Intel I-225V network card. Online I found two kexts that could help me (FakePcIIID & FakePCIID_Intel_I225-V) and as read on the opencore guide I inserted...
  2. Mattuz

    << Solved >> Pc reboot after 30 sec on utility tools

    Hello, guys as a member suggested to me I would like to install High Sierra (because I own a gtx 1080). So I created the bootable usb but when I get to the utilty tools to install macOS my pc reboots after around 30 seconds. I'll attach the efi folder. Thanks in advance! Solved by changing the...
  3. Mattuz

    Catalina freeze on utility tools

    Hi everyone... Yesterday I created a bootable usb for the installation of macOS Catalina. But when I get to the utility tools after 15 seconds it all gets freezed... I attached the EFI folder. Thanks for the help :D