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  1. c00lbeans

    10.14.6 to 10.15.4 install wont boot?

    Installer quickly stalls at this point. Is there a problem with locked files or something? Im on Aorus pro with 9900k.
  2. c00lbeans

    9900k + z390 Aurus Elite wont boot

    I tired to follow this guide. I installed and got it to boot up once using the vanilla clover config and kexts. The computer ran slow so I tried to make the changes...
  3. c00lbeans

    << Solved >> H Sierra + 2600k.. Are my Pstates correct?

    Hey, I recently installed HS on my Sandybridge 2600k and UD3 motherboard.Its OCed to 4.6, using imac 14.2. Its been running fine but I ran MSR dumper and it says im only getting 16 46 and 47 Pstates. Istats shows the cores cycling through probably a dozen or so clocks between 16 and 47. Under...
  4. c00lbeans

    << Solved >> Sierra to High Sierra, Installer stops at black screen with Apple logo

    Im on 10.12.6 with 660 gtx and just bought a RX580. Im trying to install High Sierra from the app store before I swap the cards out. This is the error im getting. What could it be?
  5. c00lbeans

    z68x-ud3 Restarts on sleep.

    I have a z68x-ud3h-b3 with 2600k and gtx 660. Everything was working fine including sleep untill 10.9.3 Once i updated it stopped sleeping nicely and started rebooting. I was getting CMOS resets and applied the patch to fix that. It got rid of the resets but my computer keeps restarting after...
  6. c00lbeans

    OpenCL Ocean Wave stuck at 60 FPS OpenCL issues with Nvidia??? Im on sandy bridge with a GTX 660. Ocean Wave is now stuck at 60 FPS. A number of people on another forum are having the same problem with their Nvidia cards (500 and 600 series). Anyone else having this issue or have an idea on what if anything is...
  7. c00lbeans

    Maverick + gtx 660 + openCL not working so great

    Hey i just updated from 10.4 to mavericks on a Z68x-UD3H-B3(i7-2600k) with an evga gtx 660. LuxMark wont even work now and OpenCL Ocean Wave bench mark went from 455 to 60 FPS Anyone have an idea why its doing this and how to fix it? Unigene heaven is also a bit slower.
  8. c00lbeans

    CNN video cuasing Chrome to KP and freeze my machine.

    Hey so about 2 weeks ago google chrome started freezing my whole computer any time i try to view a video on CNN and some other websites. I think it has something to do with my video card or a kext related to my video card. I have an EVGA GTX 660 (non-Ti) and installed it back in November...