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  1. kissandtellMAC74

    Virus on OSX?

    Hi everybody, I have a question for all of you that could answer: I built an Hackintosh to a friend of mine and installed EL CAPITAN; after an year he called me to tell his system won't boot anymore, He could reach the Clover screen but no bootable drive was detected. I connected his system...
  2. kissandtellMAC74

    Clover and PCIe SATA3 expansion cards

    Hi everybody, does someone of you know why can't Clover even detect and than boot drives from PCIe SATA 3 expansion cards that I installed in my old system, while Chameleon does? thanks for replies
  3. kissandtellMAC74

    Dual graphics: gtx 650 + gtx 950...possible?

    Hi everybody, I read in some threads that dual graphic cards are enabled by default in OSX but...... I have my old gtx 650 working OOB with stock drivers and a brand new gtx 950 that is working with the latest web drivers installing both cards and booting with web drivers enabled I got kernel...
  4. kissandtellMAC74

    A question about MOBOS

    Hi everybody I have to build my 4th hackintosh for a friend and I am a bit concerned about which motherboard to buy, as I had myself and read about freeze issues with last generation of GIGABYTE boards; this time I'd go for an ASUS but I didn't understand if the boards suggested here in the...
  5. kissandtellMAC74

    Yosemite shutdown and restart issue with external drives

    Hi everybody, I found this issue in Yosemite on three "vanilla" builds with different hardware: if any external drive is not disconnected before, the system wil not restart or shut down, otherwise it does normally Did anyone have the same issue? Any tip? thank you
  6. kissandtellMAC74

    Can't get audio working on MSI X58 Pro-E (Alc 889)

    HI everybody, first of all my specs MOBO: MSI X58 Pro-E (Alc 889) GPU: Gigabyte GTX 650 1GB CPU: Intel i7 920 SSD: Crucial M4 I have had up and fully running on this machine SL, L, ML, Mavericks and now Yosemite....but...from Mavericks, and now Yosemite, can't get audio working in no...
  7. kissandtellMAC74

    Laptop advice

    Hi everybody I have to buy a new Laptop and I'd like a NVIDIA discrete graphics based one. The problem is optimus technology, not supported in OSX, so I ask if someone could suggest me a model with unlocked BIOS to turn off Integrated graphics from there and let the discrete graphics work. Is...
  8. kissandtellMAC74

    Non HFS+ drives not detected...please Help!

    Not HFS+ drives not detected...please Help! Hi everybody, I've installed ML 10.8.3 on a new system based on: GA-Z77X-UD3H Intel i7 3770 NVIDIA GTX650 Ti Boost OCZ Vertex 4 SSD Seagate Barracuda 2TB everything seems to work properly, internal drives are properly detected, but I've...
  9. kissandtellMAC74

    Brand new build...advices needed!

    Hi everyone, I just built my brand new Hack pro with the following specs: GA-Z77X-UD3H Intel i7 3770 Nvidia GTX 650 Ti Boost 2x8 GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 mhz RAM OSX 10.8.3 OCZ Vertex 4 The system seems to be up and running, the new NVIDIA card was natively recognized in 10.8.3...
  10. kissandtellMAC74

    Audio on GA-Z77X-UD3H (Codec VIA VT2021)

    Help Audio on GA-Z77X-UD3H (Codec VIA VT2021) Hi everyone, could someone please tell me the easiest and best way to go to enable normal stereo audio (no HDMI) on this board? thanks in advance
  11. kissandtellMAC74

    Any news on HD3000 artifacts?

    Hi everybody, I wonder if there's any news about the Intel HD3000 artifacts issue, any solution... thanks in advance
  12. kissandtellMAC74

    GTX 650 recognized as NVIDIA D14P1-30 issue

    Hi everybody, I've installed my brand ner GIGABYTE GTX 650 OC with GraphicsEnabler=No and it seems to work proprely (Novabench GPU score 655) in 10.8.2 with stock drivers + CUDA, but it is recognized as NVIDIA D14P1-30. It would be no problem at all if only it could let me enable the Mercury...
  13. kissandtellMAC74

    macx_swapon SUCCESS after 10.8.2 update

    stuck on macx_swapon SUCCESS after 10.8.2 update Hi, after updating from 10.8.1 to 8.2 first I had to remove OEM.Smbios (caused kernel panic) according to Tony's advice, but now I'm stuck on macx_swapon SUCCESS. In safe mode the system will boot though. Could someone help me? My system is...
  14. kissandtellMAC74

    Gtx 650, who tried?

    Hi everyone, Did someone try to install ML on this videocard? Could you please report? I'm considering to buy one thnks
  15. kissandtellMAC74


    Hi everybody, I've just installed LION on a GIGABYTE Z68AP-D3 + Intel Pentium G840 (Sandy bridge with Intel HD Graphics) booting the USB stick with -x -v flag, ran multibeast after downloading the proper DSDT (FD BIOS) but now I can't boot into OS. I'm stuck at white screen after apple boot...
  16. kissandtellMAC74

    GTX 560 works? your experiences please

    Hi everybody, I'm considering to buy a gtx 560 as it isin the middle between gtx 650 and 660 in respect of price and performace (I'll try to find a used one) but it is not listed by Tony among the ML compatible cards. May I read of your experiences? Does it work out of the box? Freezes...
  17. kissandtellMAC74

    NVIDIA 9800GT no more supported in ML?

    HI everybody, I had a perfectly working Hackintosh with SL and LION (MSI x58 pro-E, i7 920, MSI Geforce 9800GT 1 GB) but I can't even boot the INSTALLER i made with xMOVE (system reboots quickly). I can't understand what the issue is, is maybe the graphic card no more supported in ML? Any...
  18. kissandtellMAC74

    K53E Asus DSDT?

    Post your exact model/specs
  19. kissandtellMAC74

    NVIDIA Geforce 540M detected

    Is there a chance to get this card working in the next future? :beachball: Do you need some info? First of all I have to say that my LION 10.7.2 install recognize it as a GT 450M, while SystemInfo sees it as a 555M, i think it shares the same architecture, not sure though... Hey guys, after...
  20. kissandtellMAC74

    PHOTOSHOP CS5 liquify filter

    HI everyone. I'm running a full working Hackintosh (MSI x58 pro-E + intel i7 920 + MSI Nvidia geforce 9800GT); i went from SL 10.6.3 (retail install) to 10.6.8 and then to LION, but no OS update could fix this issue: liquify filter in Photoshop CS5 works with low responsiveness, something like a...