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  1. superstargoddess

    No audio device detected on AC97 or HDMI (GA-Z77X-UD3H)

    It doesn't matter which way I try to use it, there is no audio device detected with this mobo using Multibeast, and I'm using the correct way in Multibeast. I have been able to get sound to work using Voodoo once, but it always causes KP, so I have to scrap it. =/ I'm really beginning to...
  2. superstargoddess

    Problem with Z77X-UD3H and WD MyBook 1tb & other misc issues

    I just got this new board after the bios on my old board got possessed by the spirits of bios passed. (long story, not important to what this thread is about, heehee.) First problem is that it doesn't recognize my WD MyBook 1tb no matter which port I try to put it in. I've even tried to use...
  3. superstargoddess

    [Radeon 6xxx] White Screen of Death During Install Fix!

    For any of you out there having this problem while trying to boot from the usb to do your ML install, and you get the white screen of death, I have the fix for you! (Radeon 6xxx) I know that with my Radeon card, it was driving me nuts that every time I tried to boot from the usb, it would...
  4. superstargoddess

    Bizarre mouseover problem

    [Solved] Bizarre mouseover problem I have noticed this happens sometimes on two different graphics cards and two different versions of OS X. It seems that sometimes when I do an install, I lose the ability to mouseover things and have other items pop up. This is so hard to explain but I...
  5. superstargoddess

    A way to bypass entering password so much?

    I've been doing OSX86 for probably a little over a year or so now, but there has always been one little thing that has aggravated me. ;) Is there a way to bypass entering my password to give permission for things so much? Maybe a secret internal tweak or even a program that I can download...
  6. superstargoddess

    Machine Check Kernel Panic

    I've overclocked up to 4.8ghz previously and had no issues. I'm still able to oc my ram from 1600 to 1866 with no problems. However, it seems that when I try to oc my cpu now, it gives me a kp about Machine Check. It hasn't ever done that before, and I haven't really changed much since I...
  7. superstargoddess

    Another bizarre Chrome issue

    Has anyone had problems with their Google Chrome addons just all randomly resetting? It's so annoying that I have went back to Firefox. >< I just open the browser at random (not every single time though) and they all reset and pop back up for me to configure them.
  8. superstargoddess

    Ati HD 4650- Going crazy!

    Love the Multibeast! Still going crazy about trying to get the resolution something other than the default. Installed SL 10.6.2 through a usb method and can run it perfectly, but can't change the resolution! I've tried different kexts and programs to try to fix it, but I always end up...