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  1. leomenassun

    Waiting for DSMOS.

    Please, can anyone help me to install El Capitan? During install process as per Rehabman's Guide, it gets stuck in "Waiting for DSMOS".
  2. leomenassun

    No sound and internet (and other fixes)

    Hello, everybody! I've succeed in installing Sierra and I've failed in installing sound and internet kexts (mainly) with Multibeast's help. Please, help me! My hardware is: Notebook Samsung NP-300E4C-AD2BR Processor: Intel Core i3 2328M (Sandy Bridge) - 2nd generation GPU: Intel HD Graphics...
  3. leomenassun

    "Apple Screen" after installing Local Time Toggle (Yosemite)

    Hi guys, How can I undo the changes made by Local Time Toggle? After installing it, my pc gets stuck in the Apple screen logo during boot. Also, how can I solve the time problem ( everytime I boot into Windows, time is wrong :s) ? Thank you!