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  1. alessiman

    Can you run Raid 0 on dual m.2 nvme ssd's on a Hackintosh now?

    After a very generous tax return I though i would upgrade my "old" late 2014 Hackintosh to a bigger beast The main build will be based on a 7700k processor running on a Gigabyte - GA-Z270X-Gaming K5 Motherboard I plan to use 2 x Samsung 960 EVO 500GB M.2-2280 drives Though the motherboard...
  2. alessiman

    ASUS Maximus VII Impact (Mini ITX) - compatible?

    Hi all, I currently have a nice little Mini-ITX build running with an MSI Z97i Gaming AC board inside a Corsair 250D case To cut a long story short. The position of the connectors with my choice of case is doing my head in in regards to cable management. Basically it sucks Research has lead...
  3. alessiman

    Any benefit in changing Mac identity from Mac Pro 3,1?

    Might sound a stupid question but my recent build is defaults to a Mac Pro 3,1 as the type of Mac I have. It's a fairly fast build with a 4790k i7 as well as a GTX970 GPU So would be make a difference if I was to re identify the build as a 6,1?
  4. alessiman

    MSI Z97i Gaming AC Mini ITX - What Bluetooth and WiFi Chipset?

    I was wondering if someone can help confirm something for me please I have got my Hackintosh working except for BT/WiFi and based on this post I believe my motherboard is in the same family so...
  5. alessiman

    Z97i Gaming AC Mini ITX - No Sound :(

    Evening everybody :) I managed to get Yosemite up and running fairly painlessly and even managed to get my GTX 970 GPU up and running without a hitch However I can't seem to get any audio working on this build Motherboard is an MSI Z97i Gaming AC Mini-ITX I have installed the recommended...