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  1. rehpotsirhc

    iMac Concept Inspired by Early Macintosh Desktops Scroll down for English.
  2. rehpotsirhc

    Lian Li Desk PCs
  3. rehpotsirhc

    G5 DVD Eject methods

    I know that many people have soldered a switch to their optical drives, but is there a method to manually eject in a G5 case? Please post, repost, or link to anything relevant be it solder or solder free.
  4. rehpotsirhc

    New All Aluminum Fractal Design(?) Case Looks Like a Full Tower Mac Mini / Mac Pro Hybrid

    From the video it's a little ambiguous if the OEM manufacturer made this case for fractal, a different manufacturer or if they'll be bringing it to market on their own. It's an all aluminum design with sort of a single mac pro / G5 "foot" curving around the bottom but from front to back rather...
  5. rehpotsirhc

    Repurposing a Stock Intel Heatsink

  6. rehpotsirhc

    Dremel EZ Lock With Sheild

    I lost my EZ Lock hub when I moved so I went to the hardware store to replace it, and found this set:
  7. rehpotsirhc

    rehpotsirhc's G5

    Here is my G5 case so far. I only used a minimal number of screws and hung the CPU waterblock / pump by one of the mounts just to be able to take a picture. I still need to work on routing the SATA cables and many of the power cables but it's pretty much in its final form at this point. I...