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  1. Rourke

    Slow booting/shutting down from SSD

    So i'm using my hackintosh laptop for 1,5 week. I installed an SSD from crucial, but booting up and shutting down takes about 20-30 seconds. Even my old PC is faster then that. I tried the trick in this topic which doesn't do anything. I have F.29 BIOS firmware installed. Shouldn't a boot from...
  2. Rourke

    Bluetooth vs Magic Mouse

    I bought a seperate Bluetooth dongle (Sweex BT214) since I noticed the internal bluetooth works very poorly in combination with my Magic Mouse. Sometimes I notice my Magic Mouse works perfect (really, everything works as it should be), I assume it's connected through my Bluetooth dongle. But...
  3. Rourke

    Pink screen, then black, upon booting Unibeast prepared USB

    I get a quick pink screen, followed by a black screen and it stays there. It's just after step 7. I recorded it.
  4. Rourke

    Setup an SSD, but can't boot from original HDD

    I got my 4530s, crucial SSD, HDD caddy and 4GB extra memory today. Since I got recommended to update the firmware of the SSD before installing OSX on it, I still want to boot in windows first. I put the original HDD in the caddy and the SSD in the laptop's HDD spot. Now i'm starting the laptop...
  5. Rourke

    Replacing windows keycaps for apple keys

    I'll be working with my new hackintosh (ProBook 4530s) a lot once I finished setting everything up. But the keyboard is a windows keyboard. I'm a perfectionist and was wondering if anyone ever replaced the typical windows keys (alt and windows key) with the apple keycaps (options, command key)...
  6. Rourke

    4530s model with right wireless adapter? And SSD questions.

    First of let me say I love the forum and all the support and great documentation you guys put into this. I'm looking into the 4530s notebook model for putting OSX 10.8 mountain lion on it. They are not easily found in my country (the Netherlands), but I did found one here (translation to...