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  1. angelnieves

    10.7 KP!!!!!

    IMG_0486.JPG I'm usually pretty good enough to pick these things up myself but this one has stumped me. :problem:
  2. angelnieves

    Pixelated - Mission Control

    Graphics, resolution, & video playback all seem to work fine with your kexts, but I cant seem to fix the Pixelated screen when I go into Launch Pad. *Posted Graphics info, if it helps
  3. angelnieves

    Lion on Dell XPS M14?..

    would it be possible to install Lion w/ Unibeast on a Dell XPS M14?
  4. angelnieves

    Lion installation : CustoMac Mini w/ VGA?

    I am currently only in reach of a monitor that only has a VGA. I am trying to install lion on my custo Mac mini. Is there any way to get this going? My unibeast will not boot correctly. Gets to apple screen then stop sign logo appears after a few minutes.
  5. angelnieves

    Desktop Icons disappear after lion install...?

    After I upgraded to Lion, everything was working fine on my hackintosh, until My next boot up my desktop items would not show up anymore (only a few hours after upgrade). They are still accessible through finder but the problem is i can see them on my desktop anymore. Anybody have any idea why...
  6. angelnieves

    Snow Leopard on Dell Inspiron e1405?

    Does anybody think it will be possible to get SL running on a Dell Inspiron e1405?
  7. angelnieves

    boot0: error! and RAM FIX!

    hey guys, My whole installation went really well. got gpu up and running the way it should, sound/ethernet are working fine, but the only this that doesnt work it the bootloader or atleast thats what im guessing it is. I have chameleon RC4 installed but everytime i attempt to boot SL from the...