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  1. shazyzang

    Solve problems with audio/imessage/bluetooth

    Hello I am pretty new to this hackingtosh thing but today I tried again after years to accomplish it. I was pretty successfull and the system (Mac OSX High Sierra 10.13.6) is running pretty good. But there are some problems and I hope you can help me solve it. After booting with the stick...
  2. shazyzang

    Install Mac OS on Probook 6450b

    Okay I did read into it but I have still some problems.. 1. I do not know what config.plist I have to select: 2. I try to install high sierra, but in the folder Library there is no folder "Extensions". 3. In Clover Options -> Graphics...
  3. shazyzang

    Install Mac OS on Probook 6450b

    I have updated my hardware info as much as possible. If I boot the system now with uefi and use the settings in the following image, I get the error in the second image.
  4. shazyzang

    Install Mac OS on Probook 6450b

    Hi I tried an installation with the following guide: However, it doesn't work that I reach the setup. I can select in the bootloader that I want to install the operating system, but...