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  1. norwayRainyday

    Help me find WiFi card's model by IORegExplorer?

    Here's my ioreg attached. Can you pls help me find out which wifi card is installed on my laptop and also let me know if there's even a minor chance to get it working under 10.14.6. Thank you.
  2. norwayRainyday

    Need help to patch alc233 in Mojave 10.14.6

    Hi I installed mojave yesterday but never managed to get the audio working. I need audio for a special event tonight. Please tell me what's wrong in my congif.plist if there's any. Thank you
  3. norwayRainyday

    (Clover) Catalina USB configuration stuck at #LOG:EXITBS:START

    Hi everybody I had a couple of successful sierra & high sierra hackintosh installations but as the very first try to install a Catalina it seems I failed (on HDD). I really need your help! Followed Clover thread just like before but sadly got a panic. Any idea? attached.
  4. norwayRainyday

    Possible to install 10.13.6 and preventing APFS conversion?

    I wanna install High Sierra 10.13.6 on HFS+ Possible? A new method to prevent the conversion?
  5. norwayRainyday

    How to make a backup of a working USB installer?

    Hi Is there any way to make a backup file of my USB installer in order not to make this time-consuming process again? I think the backup should contain both EFI and HFS+ partitions to work properly again.
  6. norwayRainyday

    Stuck on loading screen after trying to disable reportcrash

    Hi Guys TBH this is the most critical thread I've ever posted cause I'm really in a big terrible trouble. Really need your help. :'( My Hackintosh (10.12.6) was pretty stable for a long period of time. Everything was working fine. No error no strange behavior. Few hours ago when I was...
  7. norwayRainyday

    Graphical problems after updating to Mojave 10.14

    Everything went well and updating process has been done successfully. But I really don't know why the UI is so bad. Problems: clumsy welcome page : 2x bigger profile pic, password text input unclearness : Blurry text (non-smooth edges and slightly bolder than ever) unclearness : Blurry...
  8. norwayRainyday

    [solved] How to set touchpad drag delay to zero in High Sierra?

    Hi Have used this for months without any problem but since i've installed 10.13.6 it no works any more. MacBook-Pro:~ me$ ioio DragExitDelayTime 0 ioio: setting property 'ApplePS2SynapticsTouchPad:DragExitDelayTime' as number to 0 (0x0) @RehabMan, need your help my man..
  9. norwayRainyday

    [solved] How to disable internal microphone completely in Hackintosh?

    Hi I've used Mirone AppleHDA patcher 1.8 and now just wanna disable microphone via Clover/kext/cnofig.plist somehow. There should be a permanent way to disable it without losing sound of headphone/speaker.
  10. norwayRainyday

    [Solved] How to execute fsck command for another disk in single-user mode?

    Hi guys Bye defualt the command will be executed on the boot volume. Could you please help me to execute FSCK -FK on another disk/drive?
  11. norwayRainyday

    [solved] macOS High Sierra is no longer available in Clover boot menu

    Hi guys Something horrible today occurred. I'm so shocked and urgently need your help. Finder wasn't responding and I had to restart the hackintosh. But after rebooting It just showed a black screen (even before loading Clover boot manager menu) I tried to change the boot priorities but i...
  12. norwayRainyday

    Kernel panic after patching DSDT.aml

    It's a new fresh install 10.13.2 DSDT.dsl file properly disassembled using refs.txt. Then compiled without any error. In order to make your checking/troubleshooting more easier, I just applied one patch, IRQ Fix, on DSDT.dsl and then saved it as .aml file. Kernel panic occurs as soon as I place...
  13. norwayRainyday

    Strange problem after updating from 10.13.1 to 10.13.2 using pkg file

    Hi It's totally bizarre. Need help of all you moderator and active users. Let me tell you what happened briefly. I had 10.13 & 10.13.1 for two months without any problem. Everything used to work fine. Yesterday I decided to download 10.13.2 dmg file from Apple website and update via that...
  14. norwayRainyday

    [solved] Keyboard stops working randomly at High Sierra

    Hi @RehabMan, I've installed latest version of VoodooPS2Controller as per you mention in the How-to install section of its github page. Let me add some details to this problem. Some unusual kind of stop working also happened. First, in a case, it stopped working but wherever (text fields) I...
  15. norwayRainyday

    [solved] Why does cursor freeze after sleep just for a few seconds?

    Hi I had this problem on Sierra too, Is there any solution for that?
  16. norwayRainyday

    macOS High Sierra hackintosh state? Is it stable enough and does have all drivers?

    Hi I have Sierra 10.12.5 with Audio/Graphic/Ethernet/Brightness/Battery working amazingly. Also I've patched DSDTs and have almost no problem at the moment. @RehabMan Let me know please whether I can have these items working still if I install a new fresh High Sierra as well or not. Please if...
  17. norwayRainyday

    Stuck after typing password at login screen?

    Guys, save me :cry: Save 2 month-long every day hardworking in order to make this hackintosh I forced shutting down by hold down power key. Unfortunately, when I turn on laptop I stuck at login screen showing a snipping beach ball just after submitting password. How can I fix the problem? Tell...
  18. norwayRainyday

    How to Create a full backup of Sierra USB installer for next usages?

    I've made USB installer several time using this great thread : Can you tell me how to create a full backup of USB stick (include both EFI and installation partiton)? Any software on mac or windows?
  19. norwayRainyday

    Clover doesn't find Windows partiton?

    Hi (please read) I have 2 HDD on my laptop. First one is for Windows 10 and the other one for macOS Sierra 10.12.5 Some weeks ago I had an option in my bios boot devices called "Mac OS x" , when I was choosing this item I had no problem and Windows and Sierra both were present in Clover GUI...
  20. norwayRainyday

    Internal speakers work fine but headphone output ruines the song, How to solve?

    Hi I used full Patched AppleHDA kext for my ALC233 made by Mirone patcher and sound works fine but when I use my headphone the song is very weak in term of loudness and it seems like a cluttered voice. (Guys I've tested my headphone on my phone; No problem here...) Any chance to solve?