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  1. hmttony

    Gtx 760, native resolution of 4k UHD tv not detected.

    I have a 65" samsung 4k UHD tv and I want to hook my main desktop with a gtx 760 up to it, but osx doesn't properly detect the proper resolution. On windows the system properly detects the tv and outputs a 3840 x 2160 image @ 30hz. Osx on the otherhand thinks the 65" tv is a 120" tv which is...
  2. hmttony

    nsurlsessionid taking up bandwidth upon boot

    After booting into OS X yosemite and logging in, the nsurlsessionid process starts downloading something. The process starts downloading at the max speed my internet will allow which is 6.25 MB/s, so the download finishes quite fast and the network usage eventually goes back down to 0. My...
  3. hmttony

    CPU overheating problems.

    Yesterday My computer was running fine and the cpu idle temperatures were around 36˚C - 39˚C, but today I came home and my cpu is now literally overheating. Now Idle temp's are around 76˚C to 80˚C. I tried cleaning the fans and filters and under clocking my cpu, but nothing seems to be helping...
  4. hmttony

    Adobe After Effects CC with GTX 760

    I just finished install OSX on my GTX 760 based build and was wondering how i would enable GPU acceleration using cuda on After effects.
  5. hmttony

    Compatibility Check before I buy my components

    I just wanted to make sure everything below is compatible before i go out to buy my components
  6. hmttony

    Home Media Hackintosh

    I currently considering to build a home media pc that will mainly be used to play movies , music and low end games on my hdtv . Before i actually go out to buy the components i just wanted to double check if the following components would work with mac osx . Motherboard ...
  7. hmttony

    Gigabye z77 up5-th

    I am thinking about building a thunderbolt based hack . But before i go about buying parts does the GA-Z77X-UP5-TH wifi and bluetooth card work with MAC OSX ? link : If the wifi doesn't work .. Does anyone know...
  8. hmttony

    Asus P8H77-I Socket 1155 Intel H77 Mac Osx compatibilty ?

    Ok i am looking to build my first hackintosh . I want my build to be compact so i chose this mini itx board (Asus P8H77-I). Now before i buy it i just want to know weather its compatible with mac osx . LINK : Oh...