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  1. mrhunter9

    Intel Nuc 2.0 (Broadwell)

    The graphics are NOT the same between the 2014 Haswell Mac mini and the 2015 Broadwell NUC. The Mac mini uses Haswell HD5100 Iris graphics and the NUC uses HD6000. The Broadwell NUC will not have Iris graphics until the i7 RY SKU is released later this year.
  2. mrhunter9

    Support for INTEL DP55KG

    Did you install Multibeast? Select smbios.plist iMac 11,1 to fix the memory issue. I did the same install on a DP55WB board and just about everything worked after installing Multibeast. For Audio, select AppleHDA.kext, HDAEnabler.kext, Legacy888HDA.kext. For LAN: select Intel 80266.kext...
  3. mrhunter9

    SUCCESS with Intel DP55WB & GT240

    Well, I was too hasty saying that everything works. Sleep does not work and the time and date in BIOS gets messed up on boot. I hope to get those working sometime soon. I am using the latest BIOS 0310. Core i5-750 2.66GHz 2GB DDR3 1333MHz Kingston 250GB Seagate SATA HD Sony 20x DVDRW SATA...
  4. mrhunter9

    SUCCESS with Intel DP55WB & GT240

    I finally got SL to install on my DP55WB board. I have Retail SL 10.6.0 DVD and it would not install with the EVGA GT 240 card installed. It would boot past the white Apple logo to a black screen, so I had to put an ATI 4650 card in to get the installer to show. After that, everything worked...
  5. mrhunter9

    How to Identify the BIOS manufacturer on Intel DH57JG

    You have the "Jet Geyser" board from Intel. It is an Intel BIOS and it looks like you have an old version as well. I think the latest is 396.