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  1. pier25

    BCM94360CD Sierra no wifi

    Bluetooth is working out of the box, but Wifi is not working. Any idea?
  2. pier25

    CPU fan speed problem

    I just did a fresh install with a Z87 Gigabyte and 10.11.3. For some reason, when OSX boots the CPU fan speed goes to 1000 RPM. After messing around with various fan speed controllers, it seems something is setting up the minimum fan speed to 1000 RPM, and I can't go lower than that. I've...
  3. pier25

    10.10.3 GTX760 fan at max speed when waking up

    So I installed Yosemite and everything works great except this little thing. When waking up the GPU fan is working at max speed. According to HWMonitor the fan is running at about 1000 rpm, which is a lie. The problem didn't happen after a clean install, nor after Multibeast. I suspect it's...
  4. pier25

    GA Z87M D3H usb and sleep problems

    So I have installed 10.9 and everything works as expected except for this little problem. I'm using an Alfa AWUS036NHR USB wifi device. It works fine, I'm using Alfa's drivers for 10.9, but my hackintosh won't go to sleep when it is connected. Problem is, when I disconnect the device all USB...