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  1. Andie1021

    Catalina Multibeast 11.3.0 installation failed

    Starting MultiBeast 11.3.0-4 03/15/20 19:46:11 - Installing 'Bootloaders > Clover UEFI Boot Mode' 03/15/20 19:46:15 - Install of 'Clover_v2.4k_r4934-UEFI.pkg' failed. 'installer: Package name is Clover v2.4k r4934 tonymacx86 UEFI installer: Installing at base path / installer: The install...
  2. Andie1021

    [Solved] MultiBeast said I'm succeeded install drivers but still don't have them after I reboot

    Although MultiBeast said I am install those drivers suceeded but I'm still don't have those drivers. I have already check my EFI folder and cannot find those drivers. specs: cpu: i5-8600k MB: MSI z370 a pro ram: corsair vengeance 3000 8gbx2 GPU: GTX1060 3gb macOS Mojave