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  1. cusinndzl

    Can't update apps through App Store

    I updated to OS X 10.9 (the GM) a while back since I'm a developer, and everything worked fine. As of today I am no longer able to see any of the app updates under the update tab. I can still download/install/manually update apps by finding them from within the app store. I just can't use...
  2. cusinndzl

    Monitor turning on and off - Sappire 6870 Flex - 10.8.4

    So I have a system running 10.8.4. It has a 2500K, MSI P67A-C43, and a Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 Flex Edition (there's a link to the exact model at the bottom of the post.) Last week I got a new 2560x1440 monitor that requires dual link DVI to work. Before I had just three simple monitors (two...
  3. cusinndzl

    Hackintosh has been freezing up, now I can't boot, I get disk0s1 I/O errors

    I have been running a Hackintosh without any real issues for the past couple of months but all of a sudden this past week I started having issues. About once a day when I was doing something, usually opening or switching to a new app, the Hackintosh would freeze up and I would have to press the...
  4. cusinndzl

    cusinndzl's Build: Core i5-2500K - P67A-C43 - 16GB RAM - 6870/5450

    cusinndzl's Build: Core i5-2500K - P67A-C43 - 6870/5450 Components Apple Mac OS X version 10.8.2 Mountain Lion MSI P67A-C43 LGA 1155 Intel P67 ATX Intel Motherboard
  5. cusinndzl

    PowerColor AX5450 512MK3-SH AMD Radeon HD 5450 with Mountain Lion

    I have been looking around for a couple of days now trying to get my Hackintosh to work correctly with my graphics card which is a PowerColor AX5450 512MK3-SH which is an AMD Radeon HD 5450. There are a ton of threads and a ton of people who have gotten this working, but it seems to be different...
  6. cusinndzl

    MSI P67A-C43, Foxconn H67M-V, ASUS 1015PN Compatibility

    I have three machines and I'd like to install OS X on at least one of them since I'd like to get started making iOS apps using Xcode which sadly doesn't have a Windows port. The three machines are the following: Core i5-2500K, Radeon HD 6870, MSI P67A-C43 Core i3-2120, Intel HD graphics...
  7. cusinndzl

    Using A USB Drive As iBoot And Snow Leopard

    I have an ASUS Eee PC 1015PN I'm going to install Mac OS X on and it doesn't have an optical drive and I don't really want to buy an external optical drive. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate with a USB flash drive so I'm wondering if I can use a USB flash drive for iBoot and another for Snow...