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  1. ffffwh

    What makes 'AVX Offset' not working?

    Under Linux (or Windows?) - On non-AVX load [1], max CPU ratio is the ratio I set. - On AVX load, max CPU ratio is (the ratio - AVXOffset) [2] Under macOS + Clover - Max ratio is always (ratio - AVXOffset) Does 'AVX offset' require OS support, or only BIOS support is sufficient? If it is the...
  2. ffffwh

    Intel 900p 'SSD'

    Blazing fast SSD based on 3D XPoint. Does it work on hackintosh?
  3. ffffwh

    Selected Mac OS X Installer is Incomplete (macOS 10.12.6, UniBeast 7.1.1)

    Environment: macOS 10.12.6 installer (just released), UniBeast 7.1.1 It is reported "Selected Mac OS X Installer is Incomplete".
  4. ffffwh

    AirPods with macOS / Windows dual boot

    Problem description: I followed the steps in the metioned link, but it doesn't work. After I changed the 'link key' in Windows registry, AirPods still doesn't connect...
  5. ffffwh

    New NVidia Web Driver (378) and iBooks transparency bug

    The original problem: From some posts, it could be concluded that Old card with the new driver still has the problem Pascal card (10xx) with the new driver does not have the problem Could more guys confirm that? I...
  6. ffffwh

    How well does AMD RX 460/470/480 work?

    I read this and sill have some confusion. Does it work without iGPU after fully setup? Glitch free? (Sleep/wake, Plug-n-Play) Future macOS upgrade proof? NV works well until I hit this bug...
  7. ffffwh

    Enable both HD530 and NV GPU with NV GPU as first in UEFI?

    I would like to drive both GPU as a workaround of NV web driver bug. ( 0. The monitor is always connected to NV GPU. 1. If I set iGPU as first GPU, it works with no problem. 2. If I set PCIe 1 as first...