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  1. fritobandito

    Uninstall Feature

    Can you add a Uninstall feature for Multibeast, or a standalone uninstaller app for multibeast. As you know the sourceforge version of clover bootloader has changed the location of both its drivers and kexts in the EFI area on the HD . Since we all like to try the newer version of clover...
  2. fritobandito

    Dell Inspiron-17 3780 i7 Whiskey Lake Not Booting from Unibeast USB

    Hi, I just purchased a Dell Inspiron-17 3780... 256 M.2 NVME with 2 TB 5400 Mechanical Data Drive 8th Generation Intel i7-8565U, Intel UHD Graphics 620 and a AMD RX520 W/2GB Ram 16 GB Ram, Realtek ALC3204 Audio, I will Get a Replacement Broadcom WiFI/BT chip afterwards...
  3. fritobandito

    Update Creates additional Entry in Clover.. How can i remove it

    I am using a GA-Z97X-UD7 TH with 4.0GHZ I7, 32GB Ram onboard Video... When i do updates an additional entry is created and i would like to either delete it from the Clover screen or at minimum set the default choice. Is there a Specific editor for this? thanks.