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  1. hkuser

    Nvidia displayport bios update

    For the hackintosh experts, is this bios update advisable for our maxwell and pascal cards?
  2. hkuser

    Raid 6 on Hackintosh 10.13.3

    Aloha All, I am currently on 10.13.3 and wanting to use 8x8TB Reds in a Raid 6 array on my hackintosh. Instead of using Apple's own software raid assistant can I use something like this to create a hardware raid? Would anyone know if...
  3. hkuser

    T2 Chip security and its consequences on building Hackintosh Exteme machine

    I have been anticipating building a hackintosh extreme rig ever since Apple announced the new iMac Pro but I just came across this: I am thinking that this chip will prohibit macos from being installed on "unsanctioned" hardware.
  4. hkuser

    2017 iMac Pro

    Hopeful for a powerhouse compatible hackintosh upgrade.