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  1. bhollehday

    No mic input - Sierra ALC 892

    I have audio but dont have a mic input. Inn clover configurator, I have these patches. Im thinking since I dont have an alc 892 kext installed, im using this patch in order to get audio, is this correct? Do I need the other patches as well? I do have RealtekRTL8111.kext installed, but I dont...
  2. bhollehday

    kextbeast doesnt seem to install kexts into folders

    When I put my kexts on the desktop and run kext beast ill install into both l/e and s/l/e. But after I do that and reboot, they are not in either location?
  3. bhollehday

    External HD not reading - Clover Kext patches

    So I can plug in a 16GB USB stick and it works fine and reads quick. I plug in a 2TB and 3TB drive and one of them never shows up, the other takes forever to mount and doesnt show anything inside the drive. Both work fine on my sierra macbook pro. I have these kexts patched in my clover file...
  4. bhollehday

    S/L/E and L/E basic question; kext locations

    -Is system/library/extensions 'bootdrive'/library/extensions? -Where is Library/Extensions (L/E) at? -EFI/CLOVER/KEXTS What is the difference between the 3 kext locations and the system? Id really like to understand
  5. bhollehday

    Stuck on Apple - trying to boot with Intel HD 4600 graphics

    Im having trouble switching back to onboard graphics on my setup. It keeps sticking on the apple everytime it boots. It would boot fine when i was on Nvidia drivers with 750 Ti card. I cant get it to boot off intel graphics for the life of me. I get same results when booting in safe mode -x...
  6. bhollehday

    Issues Booting into OS - Clover

    Im trying to boot with on-board graphics again, but it keeps hanging on boot. I had it booting great with dart=0 and darkwake=2 flags. All of the sudden I reboot my computer and it hangs, if I boot verbose mode though it works fine but nvidia graphics arent working. The only thing I changed...
  7. bhollehday

    Cant get booted w/on-board graphics from Nvidia - El Capitan

    Ive been using the GPU for awhile now but have wierd issues with it and dont think i need it for the level of editing im doing. I also want to update to Sierra and feel like id have better luck just not using the GPU. So I figred id get booted on the on-board graphics before I do a direct...
  8. bhollehday

    Always have to login, apps dont remember computer issues

    I wanted to see if this is just what i have to deal with or if anyone has this issue as well. It seems like I very often have to authenticate my hackintosh through email for apps like splashtop and others. I constantly have to login to this forum and everything else as it doesnt remember me...
  9. bhollehday

    No sound after deep-sleep wake, popping when booting up - CLOVER

    I have not found any success in completely fixing the popping sound, I have tried antipop-1.0.2 but never had any luck. I also have issues with waking after deep-sleep with these boot flags: Does anyone have links/methods for solid fixes for these issues on 10.11.5?
  10. bhollehday

    Trackpad / Keyboard Issues

    So sometimes when the computer comes out of sleep, at the login the key board keeps pressing a key like im holding a key but im not touching it. If I turn keyboard off and back on then it will work again, or sometimes it corrects itself. Also the track pad will randomly slow down and skip...
  11. bhollehday

    Want Windows 10 dual booted and activated, 10.11 already installed via clover. Tips

    So Im seeking some advice and tips on how to safely dual boot Windows and OSx together with my hardware. Im using z-97/3.1 mobo and am booting off an M.2 SSD AHCI. Im using an optical 3TB disk for storage. I currently have a good running hackintosh system on el capitain, but now would like to...
  12. bhollehday

    Clover USB 3.0 not working

    So I just realized i have no 3.0 support on my hackintosh. I use clover, and followed the instructions for the installation guide on this sight. It shows I have FakePCIID.kext and FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext in my kext folder, but im getting 2.0 speeds. Ive tried different ports and its the same...
  13. bhollehday

    Issues with not remembering passords

    Has anyone else noticed issues with having to continually enter in passwords and verification codes? Anytime i log into apples website i have to enter my verification code sent to my phone. It doesn't remember the computer. Certain apps I have to sign in and enter credentials every time i...
  14. bhollehday

    Thunderbolt EXII On 10.11 OD X Z97A

    I have a Z97A mobo and am trying to get my Thunderbolt card working. The only drivers online are Windows drivers, and I've read that you need to use the Windows driver somehow? But how would you go about doing that with a full OS X computer? Do I need to dual boot my computer?
  15. bhollehday

    Having Problems with GTX 750 Ti after El Capitan Install

    Im having some video issues with my GPU, and saw the drivers someone had installed different than mine. CSMvideoDXE is the one he said to add in order to get full resolution. I currently dont have as seen in the pic. Does anyone know where I can get some input regarding this? Thanks
  16. bhollehday

    Back up both sotrage and boot drive? - M.2 and Optical Drive

    I have two drives on my computer. One is an M.2 that OSX boots on, and the other is an optical 3TB. When Im doing updates, I only need to superduper my m.2 drive correct? I wont screw something up on my storage drive just the boot drive?
  17. bhollehday

    Graphics Card Issue - 2560x1080 HDMI 10.11.2

    Ive been having this issue ever since Ive built my computer. Every once in awhile, mainly when im watching videos or editing, I got shades of pink that come or go. Sometimes it stays pink and I have to unplug it and plug it back in. And sometimes after that it says it cant read computers...
  18. bhollehday

    Audio Popping Z97-A/3.1 ALC 892

    I have the audio hooked up and it seems to work fine. Sometime when my computer wakes i dont have audio and i have to go into setting and re select internal speakers to get it to work. Also anytime it boots up and the audio kicks on, there is a loud pop sound. Like you just touched a...
  19. bhollehday

    Stuck booting in safe mode

    I had everything running great and was working on getting imessage to work. I deleted some of the files (isecurity.messages etc) recommended and now when i reboot it boots through the apple then just shuts off! If i boot -x though everything is fine. I dont have a copy of the drive and was...
  20. bhollehday

    Memory speed at system info has ???

    When i first installed the OS it didnt have ??? next to the memory. Now after finalizing the entire install, it has ??? This is how i have it listed in clover configurator.