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  1. kilaz

    Moving from Z370 to Different Z370 OR Z390 board

    Hey @krisrob34, I have seen a second hand Gigabyte Z370-HD3. Why are you changing yours? Do you think it's a good buy for me? What's the bad side? I am thinking for a 8700K.
  2. kilaz

    [Success] Asus P8Z68-v GEN3 + Intel i5 2500k + GTX560 but still need little bit of help

    I made work the USB 3 with this kext: Still with bluetooth non working...
  3. kilaz

    [Success] Asus P8Z68-v GEN3 + Intel i5 2500k + GTX560 but still need little bit of help

    ... that's the only thing I didn-t knew know how to do it: re-run kextcache to confirm that the original signature is valid again.' EDIT: SOLVED! now it's working! thanks all for the tips and help
  4. kilaz

    [Success] Asus P8Z68-v GEN3 + Intel i5 2500k + GTX560 but still need little bit of help

    ok. Thanks a lot for your reply!! I used just Multibeast 8.0.1 and I deleted the 4 zml that where inside the content of AppleHDA.kext. I used Kext Wizard for the repair and rebuild. I followed all the guide for the audio again but still no audio device detected by the system. The...
  5. kilaz

    [Success] Asus P8Z68-v GEN3 + Intel i5 2500k + GTX560 but still need little bit of help

    Hey again, I am trying to figure out how to solve the audio with the guide you are linking. I have a related question, if you don't mind: I used the multibeast driver for AppleHDA (patch?) for the 892 chip, but now I am seeing on the guide that there's no need to patch this kext, and I don't...
  6. kilaz

    Issues with El Capitan on P8Z68-V-PRO/GEN3

    Hey, i have similar HW. but not the GEN3, 2500k and Sapphire 6870. What guide/s have you used to make the installation and post-installation? I have the modded bios that it worked fine from Yosemite, Mountain ...etc, but now I am starting to learn with Clover for first time. It worked...
  7. kilaz

    [Success] Asus P8Z68-v GEN3 + Intel i5 2500k + GTX560 but still need little bit of help

    Hey all, thanks for the tips! It worked for me (no GEN3 mobo version). I have used the 2nd legacy efi booter from Clover in Multibeast. With the first option, I was getting the "forbidden direction" symbol too. Are USB3 & bluetooth working fine on your setup? I go to finish the post...
  8. kilaz

    TRIM enable in El Capitan

    cool. so there is no need for any other tool? what about the Sensei Trim Enabler tool? It has some benefits besides this command line? what happens with the non ssd drives? the command says some warning about any other devices... thanks!
  9. kilaz

    i5-2500k, can't get past 1.6GHz. Can I overclock after installation? Do I need a new SSDT?

    Hello, I had the CPU clock locked at 1.6Ghz too on my i5 2500k too. I changed on Multibeast the system definition from macPro to iMac. Also I defined in the bios every clock speed multiplier at 40, except the 4th to 39 like you said. Now I am getting te overclocked speed fixed (less than...
  10. kilaz

    Lenovo Yoga 2 13 Mavericks Install

    hello I have a Mediatek 7601 USB wireless adapter and I don't see who to install the driver. I can't found the Tdriver you mention.
  11. kilaz

    [SUCCESS] YOSEMITE 10.10 - P8Z68V-PRO, i5-2500K, Radeon 6870

    hey, did you done all the steps from the Clover guide you link? 20-21-22...etc and the post installation section (Custom Install: UEFI-Capable Systems) I am getting stucked when booting de usb for first time... Sometimes with 'still searchig root device" and sometimes crashing with some...
  12. kilaz

    [SUCCESS] YOSEMITE 10.10 - P8Z68V-PRO, i5-2500K, Radeon 6870

    thanks ! I have mostly the same setup. I'll try your guide soon and I'll post results here.
  13. kilaz

    Help Intalling BLUETOOTH on Asus p8z68-v pro/gen3

    there's any solution to make it work without booting windows first?
  14. kilaz

    Asus P8Z68V PRO bluetooth not working on OSX 10.9.4

    did you solved the BT issue? i have the same problem..
  15. kilaz

    [Solved] ASUS P8Z68-V Pro - Integrated Bluetooth

    the link isn't working.. any idea of to make work the onboard bluetooth in Mavericks?
  16. kilaz

    TP-Link TL-WN722N - Atheros 9271 driver needed

    i am looking for the driver too. any news?
  17. kilaz

    Help with Bootflags in Maverick, ASUS P8Z68v-Pro

    i have the same mobo (but ati 6870) and my system is working fine. i didn't used any special bootflag. i am getting problems with usb3. any idea about how to solve this problem? did you used the multibeast usb3 option? or another one?
  18. kilaz

    P8Z68-V-PRO - successful Update from ML 10.8.2 to Mavericks but with USB3 problems

    Thanks guys. I just intalled Mavericks from scratch with this tips (freeDSDT + multibeast tunning) and worked fine. USB 3 isn't working yet. I do not tryed the "USB 3 Universal by Zenith432" from multibeast. I go look for that "Caldigit USB fix"... Anyone found another method?
  19. kilaz

    DSDT Request for ASUS P8Z68-V PRO

    I found this post with success procedures: all of them are with the freeDSDT way and some other multibeast settings.
  20. kilaz

    DSDT Request for ASUS P8Z68-V PRO

    Thanks jm_1990, I just installed Maverick from scratch on this motherboard with the same flashed bios 3603 from biosrepo. Now I go to 'multibeasting', so my question is: Can I use the same this same DSDT you posted? some time ago I remember that, because the amount of memory and some...