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  1. Don_Grappler

    Lost HDMI Audio, PB 4740s 10.10.4, PBI 6.3.9

    Please help. I lost HDMI Audio output, likely (did not log my updates) after running 10.10.4 update and PBI 6.3.9. Have fumbled around with combo update, reinstall, and other stuff... No idea what is wrong. Nor how to fix it. ioreg file here: Thanks for ideas! dg
  2. Don_Grappler

    Was temperature patch 4b for 4x740s changed? need help

    I want to apply my old very unobtrusive fan patch (this one) on the 4740s. It is just RehabMan's patch with different temperature steps. In Chameleon/Mavericks it compiled fine, in Clover/Yosemite I run into errors. Have there been changes in the DSDT since Chameleon/Mavericks, and how do I...
  3. Don_Grappler

    Yosemite on ProBook 4740s -- does everything work? What doesn't?

    Hello, I'd like to update my 4740s to Yosemite, but am worried about losing functionality. Anybody found something not working with the current Clover Installer? I remember having read that USB 3 was a problem, and someone had a flickering screen... Thanks for enlightening me! :) dg
  4. Don_Grappler

    Mint partition w/grub not seen by chameleon -- help please!

    [solved] Mint partition w/grub not seen by chameleon -- help please! Hello, I am trying to get a dual boot with OS X and Mint 17 to work. The Mac side is OK, the DVD install of Mint went fine. GRUB was installed to the Mint partition, see pic. But at boot the Linux partition is not...
  5. Don_Grappler

    Make CameraControl work and vanish

    I found it annoying to open/close CameraControl manually or having both CC and the actual camera using app running. So there is this workaround, tried on 10.9.1: Install Proxi, version 1.5.4 -- not the current 1.6.0 that will do nothing but crash. On other OS versions the 1.6.0 might work...
  6. Don_Grappler

    Update 10.8.5 to Mav, lost USB 2.0

    [Solved] Update 10.8.5 to Mav, lost USB 2.0 I updated from the latest ML to Mavericks and lost USB 2.0 functionality on the USB 3.0 ports. USB 3 sticks work fine. This happened both after selecting the "USB 3.0" fix in PBI 6.1.9, and after reinstalling GenericUSBHCI.Kext (from Installer...
  7. Don_Grappler

    How to install Paragon NTFS for Mac *10* in Mavericks

    Version 10 seems to work fine in Mav but cannot be installed using the regular installer (I couldn't, anyway). To install v10 to MacOS 10.9, open the Paragon Installer .app and dig down into Contents > Ressources, where you'll find the "Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X.pkg". Open it and it runs an...
  8. Don_Grappler

    Fan speed and Temperatures

    A mystery: I tested the fan control with a script to give defined loads to the cpu. The fan rpm went down when the temperatures went up. My fan also seems to know only a few main speeds (and fluctutates a bit around them) that it uses for broad ranges of temperatures. Would't it be better...
  9. Don_Grappler

    Wi-Fi (and Bluetooth) cards for laptops with Mac OS / OS X

    This post is no longer updated. Please follow this link to a translation of the latest version of the original data source. The other info below still holds, although a web search might get you newer pages. Wifi cards in laptops: the options for OS X / Mac OS As of April 2013 Sort...
  10. Don_Grappler

    USB port puzzle

    This was seen in a 4740s, but maybe you have it elsewhere: System information shows the right back USB port being connectd as USB 3. The speed is reported correctly, but at the connected device (which is a USB 3 stick in the pictured case). For the other ports the bus and speed data are...
  11. Don_Grappler

    MINI-GUIDE for new ProBook installs.

    EDIT: This thread is obsolete since RehabMan updated his guide. You can safely ignore it. :) This is just a very brief HowTo for the beginner. It's only the outline, for some models extra steps may be necessary. Follow this guide but STOP RIGHT BEFORE "STEP 4: Post-Installation Using...
  12. Don_Grappler

    Booting from SD card: "error parsing plist file" --??

    I need help to boot a clone of my current system (10.8.3, PBI6.1b5 kexts and DSDT/SSDT *) from an SD card. The card has boot0md and the partition boot1h (installed via Chameleon wizard) and, from the clone, /boot. When I boot from the card (legacy in a CSM incarnation) this happens: A brief...
  13. Don_Grappler

    New BIOS F.40 available at HP site

    New BIOS F.40 for 4x40s available at HP site Seen for 4740s, but likely for other models, too. dg EDIT: Apparently not available for 4x30s.
  14. Don_Grappler

    Empty Options panel in Apples ML installer

    Installed Mountain Lion with Unibeast installer. Ran OK, but the installer gives no optional installs to (de) select; that panel is empty. Bug, feature, my ignorance, or what is the cause? dg
  15. Don_Grappler

    4740s: ML install, screen black, need help

    So I went through Snow Leopard, bought Mountain Lion and used UniBeastcreated to create the USB Stick for install. Tried many boot flags, but the best I get is a black screen a while after the display font changes (i always used -v). Last thing to be seen (had to film the screen, was to fast...