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  1. glengoyne17

    HP 4530s 9-cell replacement battery?

    My 4530s battery seems to near the end of its life. I found all the spare parts for the HP batteries but they are quit expensive and perhaps old stock by now. I tried two cheap batteries from China (really cheap so worth the risk). One was a 9 cell that started great but gave me only an hour...
  2. glengoyne17

    Two harddisk and WIN+OSX

    Having played around with my 4530s I still want to keep windows on it. I will probably use that more. What I want to do is this: 1. Main harddisk: replace with 128GB SSD: install windows 7 2. Put my default 320GB in DVD tray. Install Mac osx on 100GB partition and leave a 220GB partition that...
  3. glengoyne17

    Upgrade from 4 to 8GB on 4530s i3?

    Considering upgrading from 4GB to 8GB. Opened it up and I have one memory bank of 4GB now, so can easily add another. However unsure because of all the threads on glitches. Are they solved with fan control or should I keep the machine stable as it at 4GB?
  4. glengoyne17

    how to use pgup and pgdn?

    Simple question but not sure how to do this. If I try them at the top of the keyboard with FN I change brightness. If I try them with fn on numpad nothing happens. Especially like these for scrolling web pages faster.
  5. glengoyne17

    Jumpy/laggy mouse

    Not sure if same issue but after sleep my trackpad acts weird until I press a keyboard keyL: space, command or c or any other key. Also check that dragging is disabled.
  6. glengoyne17

    Losing battery while sleeping: 30mins per 24 hrs of sleep

    Had little time the last few days so did some sleep testing. Started with a full battery two days ago - indication was 3 hours thirty minutes. Put system to sleep and next day 3 hours left. Immediately put it to sleep again and next day 2 hours 35 left. Looks like I lose 30 minutes for every...
  7. glengoyne17

    Trackpad acting weird

    Hi all, I disabled "dragging" for trackpad, however I still notice when I use menu to manually hit sleep it will often act funny - making me grab keyboard to actually select sleep. Can't really figure out if other trackpad settings solve this, dragging is disabled and I also rebooted just to...
  8. glengoyne17

    brightness slider

    If I use brightness slider at 0% display turns off, at 25% of slider I reach max brightness and the rest of the scale is useless. All adjustment is done between 0% and 25% approx. of the slider scale, is that normal?
  9. glengoyne17

    Some follow up questions after installation of Lion

    Just a few questions I have after my install. I have to send the machine back due to a hardware issue (screen connection seems to be loose, so testing like crazy tonight all other things) -Just had my first freeze. As I have to send this laptop back I am now in doubt if I should just get my...
  10. glengoyne17

    Small SSD + HDD workeable?

    I have an "old" 30GB ssd that runs Mac osx now on my desktop purely for imovie. Considering installing it into the 4530s and having the harddisk as secondary disk for data. I mainly want ssd to increase app launching and swap. Found a guide here that explains how to force osx stuff to hdd but...
  11. glengoyne17

    screen turns off when pressing speaker !?

    Just discovered some weird heavier on my 4530s that arrived today. Noticed a small bump in the speaker above the keyboard, close to the power button. I felt it with my finger and the screen goes black. System doesn't go to sleep but I can see a vague screen that is almost perfectly dark...
  12. glengoyne17

    question before buying a 4530s

    I can buy a 2 month old 4530s/4GB/320GB/i3 at a very nice price. Browsed this section before and just read the last three pages of threads. To an outsider it appears there are quite some issues with wifi drops and especially freezing/glitches. How adviseable is it to buy one now? is it just a...
  13. glengoyne17

    10.7.3 - tried three times always corrupt

    Tried updating three times, twice via menu once via safari manual download. Every time on reboot it says it can't continue, checksum mismatch. Is this normal or could it be my network card or low free space on ssd? now trying download in windows and then fouth try
  14. glengoyne17

    GTS 250 1GB no hardware acceleration

    A friend of mine decided to try the guide here after seeing my succesful 10.6.8 install. However he can't get video acceleration working and I am out of stuff to recommend him. He has a Gigabyte mobo with an i7 CPU. Install works, comboupdate works, multibeast works (he tried both easydsdt and...
  15. glengoyne17

    C2duo E8400 + ATI 5770: use iBoot ATI or iBoot supported

    I am preparing to try an installation on my pc. I read the guide here twice, but I am wondering about a part early on in the guide. On the one hand I have an ATI card, so I am leaning to iBoot ATI, on the other hand I also have a C2Duo, which points to iBoot Supported. I can't seem to figure out...