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  1. surfstu

    Intel HD4000 VGA and HDMI

    So, there is no such thing as a DVI D to VGA adpator - Do not believe anyone whio tries to sell you one! My Z77 DS3h works perfectly with DVI and HDMI using HD4000 and MAc Mini system profile I really need VGA and HDMI.... anyone with any ideas? Stu
  2. surfstu

    z77 z68 x58 p55 and now x79 what is the best chipset for OSX

    Having built hacks for years on many different chipsets mainly thanks to the shared knowledge by kind people here and much persistence on my part, I am now contemplating my next build. So much choice, my most succesful builds have probably been on z68 or z77 chipsets with UEFI native sleep and...
  3. surfstu

    UEFI Z77 DS3H no native shutdown/sleep with sandybridge

    EDIT: relax... I was wrong... sandybridge is fine.... the problem is the startech firewire 800 PCIe card that causes issues... as yet no fix!!! Stu
  4. surfstu

    PCI-E x1 on gigabyte p55 usb 3

    one of the PCI-E x1 slots is not working, anyone with any ideas why this would be? 10.6.4 - mac pro 3,1 - tonymac dsdt (thanks) - motu sound card and two UAD cards currently can only use one UAD card because one of the slots is dead. anyone know how to check how many pci e slots are working in...
  5. surfstu

    which kernel and kexts in latest iboot?

    hi, anyone know if the latest iboot releis upon the kernal from the installation disc or if it uses its own? i.e. 10.5 anyone know which kexts it uses? i.e. legacyapplehda?? really want to know from the makers of iboot what resources it employs as iboot installs my system just as i want boot...
  6. surfstu

    need to know a little more about iboot

    ok, love iboot, have used it on several systems. however my main laptop (toshiba a660 149) was the only reason i ever wanted mac so that i could run logic. I managed to get 10.6.4 running very smoothly (with my own dsdt) and an upgrade to 10.6.6 went fine too. BUT everything worked except logic...
  7. surfstu

    i5 intel hd graphics?

    will the appleintelgraphics drivers be able to be fixed to not look for nvidia gpu? i am out of my depth here, should i just return my asus laptop that has stupid optimus switching and no way to disable intel hd gpu. i can disable nvidia so it only runs on intel graphics but it seems unlikley...