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  1. Nader70

    HDD (SATA) Unpluged in Bigsur

    I use SSD in main bay and use HDD (SATA) in dvd-driver bay. I just use CtlnaAHCIPort.kext. (HDD is samsung from 2015) I disabled "put hdd on sleep on any situation" I used command line "sudo pmset -c spindown 0" Prolem : After doing all above, when it is not in use, it will un-plug...
  2. Nader70

    app store log in problem

    After install BigSur 11.4 and changing wifi to en0 (ticked under BSD on hackintool) the app store show error: cannot connect to app store! serial generated by Gembios and is valid but expire. is there any fix for this issue guys?
  3. Nader70

    battery charging indicator issue

    Guys, i faced a problem with battery charging indicator in BigSur 11.4 on Hp Pavilion 15-cc102tx. - Issue: battery indicator is showing power source: battery when it either in plug or on battery and read-out percentage will not update during charging! - Note: 1- when it's un-plug draining...
  4. Nader70

    Big Sur installation stuck on progress bar (opencore)

    Hi. I am a little new to opencore and hakintosh. I carefully followed opencore installation guide through their website and gather onencore EFI related files from github accordingly to my laptop Cpu. Boot with. * All thing was ok execpt ACPI error showed on my screen but process continued and...