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  1. Javaded

    randomly, screen goes black and freeze

    Hi, I installed macOS Sierra and High Sierra on hp8300 with GT 710 2GB LP Graphic card based on this topic: in both os I have a similar problem. when Im working with my...
  2. Javaded

    first boot problem, service only..

    hi, my specs are: ASRock h61m u3s3 8600gt! i5 3570 ivy bridge I tried different flags all of them stuck at first but this one goes until some point graphicsenabler=no -v -f and default clover flags it stuck at: service only ran for 0 seconds pushing respawn out by 10 seconds the time updates and...
  3. Javaded

    Dell Optiplex 9010 first boot problem

    Hi, I have a Optiplex 9010 with core i5 3570 (without K!), I also have a ATI 4570. I created a bootable flash drive based on this thread, I tried legacy and uefi both! with config 13.2. I have done some search and people telling about boot in safe mode for installation..-x with this, without it...
  4. Javaded

    apple keyboard paired but not working!

    Hi, I installed macOS sierra on my PC, use a bluetooth dongle CSR use IOBluetoothfamily kext to enable bluetooth. when I want to pair my keyboard, popup comes up to enter some numbers than hit enter. this process works but after this and when keyboard paired, keyboard does not work at all! as...
  5. Javaded

    ALC 662 on Sierra 10.12

    hi, I have asrock h61m-u3s3 and I can not fix audio which is ALC 662. I tried several kext but they did not work. can any body help me?
  6. Javaded

    post and preinstallation

    Hi, I have a lot of problems and could not find a right place to publish a topic, than I posted here /// 2 years ago with modified bios, I install a mac on asrock h61m-u3s3... 2 days ago, I had a 10.7.4 mac. I pulled off the drive and installed new hdd to for installing mavericks. at the...
  7. Javaded

    problem with first boot

    hi i use flash to install lion my hardware: cpu:e6750 vga:3870 main:p5q i boot from flash and got this error: what can i do ? tnx