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  1. rongrandia

    No USB at "Welcome" install screen - HAYLP! GA-X79 ud4 i7 3930k El Cap

    Mavericks was getting a bit long in the tooth, and I finally got the courage up to attempt a fresh El Cap install on my little beasty after re-visiting this tremendous resource/community here at Tonymac. Man, you people are amazing! Thanks so much for all you do for helpless noobs such as...
  2. rongrandia

    D'oh! Clicked "install" by accident. 10.9.2 update will happen if restart.

    I think I can defuse this bomb by finding and deleting the downloaded install package. Yes? If so, where can I find this install package, and if not, what do you recommend? Thanks!
  3. rongrandia

    Boot-looping after Mavericks upgrade

    Boot-looping after Mavericks upgrade [FIXED] Spent the day futzing with the Mavericks upgrade. Ran into some trouble getting the new Unibeast to boot - turns out my graphics card was hanging up the works, and after trying some boot flags, I get the install underway. Everything goes great until...
  4. rongrandia

    Success! Thanks Everybody! Follow up: Parallels?? [FIXED]

    THANK YOU~! I started with nothing on Sunday, and with all the great info and tools from the Tonymacx86 site, I now have a monster Mac Pro (Asus P9X79 i7 3930k) Working on little bits and pieces, but it seems to be stable and happy. NEVER thought I could do it - especially when the going got...
  5. rongrandia

    SO CLOSE! Asus P9X79 Booting Problem - Help?

    A grateful good morning from the SF Bay Area. I have been lurking for about a week and took the plunge yesterday, spent a pile of cash and happily building away thanks to all the GREAT input from this really cool forum - Thank you EVERYBODY. This is so much fun. Up till now... I can't seem...