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  1. PedorAmaral

    What drivers should i install?

    I'm at that part on multibeast where i should choose some drivers but i don't know wich ones are compatible with my motherboard. it is a gsuo h61v10c and since it's a generic version, doesn't have any info online. :( can someone give me a hand, please? btw the chipset it's the same of the...
  2. PedorAmaral

    Black screen after clover configurator

    After i press boot macos install from install macos high sierra, the screen turns black :( help pls
  3. PedorAmaral

    UEFI or Legacy? HELP PLS!!!

    Guys, i don't know what kind of boot my motherboard uses, since it's a generic model from intel, the "GSUO H61V10C", doesn't have any info online. :( I'm at that part of the hackintosh process where i should choose between legacy boot or uefi boot and i don't know what to do. How do i check...