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  1. RehabMan

    [Guide] Install 10.11 on Lenovo G580(20150) Laptop with Clover UEFI

    No "Problem Reporting" files attached. Read FAQ, "Problem Reporting" again. Carefully. Attach all requested files/output.
  2. TechGerbil

    [Guide] Install 10.11 on Lenovo G580(20150) Laptop with Clover UEFI

    I suppose this should also work for a Lenovo P580? Spec wise it's pretty much identical same except it's an i7-3520m rather than an i5. Did everything except the extraction of DSDT and now it's in a boot loop. Did I mess something up? It can boot into Recovery though.
  3. RehabMan

    CX20756 & HD4000 - HDMI Audio trouble

    Use patched AppleHDA instead of VoodooHDA.
  4. razor1995

    CX20756 & HD4000 - HDMI Audio trouble

    Hi, I have Lenovo P580 with following specs: CPU: Intel Core i7 3610QM RAM: 16GB Kingston PC3-12800 GPU: Intel HD4000 (PlatformID: 01660003) Audio Codec: Conexant CX20756 I have Sierra 10.12.5 installed and audio configured with VoodooHDA v. 2.8.7 and CX20756 - audio works on internal speakers...
  5. Adrian B

    Looking for Wi-Fi half-miniPCIe card for Sierra The laptop forum will have many options - check with other users that also own a Lenovo P580.
  6. razor1995

    Looking for Wi-Fi half-miniPCIe card for Sierra

    Hi, I have Sierra 10.12.5 installed on my Lenovo P580, and I'm looking for Wi-Fi card for this hackintosh. The requirements are: - native handling on Sierra (or easy install), - half-miniPCIe size, - it can be only 300Mbps, no matter, Previously I had Intel AC-7260, I sold it since installed...
  7. jodieb

    Lenovo P580 synaptics keyboard/trackpad problem

    Did you ever get yours working? I got one earlier in the year, fussed with it, then gave up. I tried messing with it again and got mine working. If you're still interested, let me know and I'll help you.
  8. jodieb

    [Guide] Lenovo Y580 - El capitan (10.11) using Clover UEFI

    I'm using a Lenovo P580 with an i5-3210m @ 2.50 GHz and 6 GB RAM, HD4000 graphics. I've used the guide here, although I had to create a regular UniBeast install USB stick and modify the EFI partition. Before I kept getting the "(disk) is not a valid volume install point message.". Still, how do...
  9. Aleyr

    Audio - HDMI Audio AppleHDA [Guide]

    I need a little help with getting the HDMI to work or to let me know that is a lost cause. With a patched AppleHDA and some DSDT patches my HDMI video is working, following the guide results in no audio and a crash when HDMI is connected. I'm attaching files for both states. 1.- Laptop...
  10. RehabMan

    Lenovo P580 Mavericks Support

    Follow one of the guides linked by the FAQ.
  11. MistrBowtie

    Lenovo P580 Mavericks Support

    I'm wondering if the Lenovo P580 would run Mavericks as I've seen others with it working..somewhat working…My laptop has an Intel 7 series chipset Intel core i5-3210M Intel HD graphics 4000 Intel centrino wireless n2200 atheros ethernet…I'm getting really tired of checking the wrong box in...
  12. RehabMan

    Lenovo p580 Yosemite Install

    Not a desktop. Moved to laptop support.
  13. speedrasheed

    Lenovo p580 Yosemite Install

    I am trying to install Yosemite on a Lenovo P580. It 8GB of ram, i7-3520m processor, 2GB Nvidia 620m and intel hd4000 video. I can install with unibeast and multibeast in safe mode, but can't seem to patch it to get into regular mode. I created a dsdt using aida64 from the system, but still...
  14. Matryx

    Lenovo P580 synaptics keyboard/trackpad problem

    I didn't know you can hackintosh the Lenovo P580. I have the same laptop and would like to hackintosh my P580 as well. Would you mind sharing how you did it and did you have to change any hardware?
  15. RehabMan

    Lenovo P580 synaptics keyboard/trackpad problem

    For Synaptics:
  16. kibagami

    Lenovo P580 synaptics keyboard/trackpad problem

    Hi guys, i have a lenovo p580 with 10.9.4 installed, most of it works fine, but currently I'm struggling with the camera (which worked kind of choppy after fresh install and booting in safe mode but got lost after installing boot loader and kexts), USB 3 speed is also non present, but the most...
  17. bishop

    Lenovo P580 compatibility check

    I've done this before but it's been a while. I thought I'd try out my Lenovo P580 , which is a Best Buy only model that is basically a z580 i think. It's got a Intel 7 series chipset - Intel core i5-3210M - Intel HD graphics 4000 - INtel centrino wireless n2200 - atheros ethernet - Any help...
  18. benaiir

    Lenovo P580 (Z580 variant) "No interval found for . Using 8000000" error during install.

    I am very new to hackintoshing and am attempting to install 10.8.3 on my Lenovo P580, which I believe is a variant of the Lenovo Z580. I made a boot USB and began install. In EFI/BIOS, I changed my settings to boot via AHCI and disabled my switchable graphics. I disabled virtualization and...
  19. ikkoku

    [Work In Progress] Lenovo Z580 ML Installation

    The ethernet connector I have on my p580 is an Atheros. Using the RT drivers will not work. Note- mine is straight up install. no dual/triple boot (although I will try that eentually) Steps I took... Before installation 1. get unibeast usb ready. also put on the usb multibeast, kext wizard...
  20. taco4macs

    Help installing ML - Lenovo p580

    So I recently purchased a new laptop, a Lenovo IdeaPad p580, and I decided I would try to install ML on it. I checked its hardware, and it seems to be compatible with ML, but when I try to install it via the Unibeast method, it always stops at this: 'No interval found for . Using 8000000.' I was...