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  1. buttadeus

    << Solved >> Big Sur, AirportBrcmFixup.kext and BCM4322 Wifi card problem

    Hi, my wifi card stoped working with Catalina but I was able to activate it again using IO80211Family.kext from Mojave. When I tried to do the same with big Sur, I got Kernel panic and I have to remove it. I tried to replace IO80211Family.kext with AirportBrcmFixup.kext but I can't make it work...
  2. buttadeus

    Sapphire Radeon RX 560 PULSE 4GB GDDR5 no sleep

    I replaced my gtx 1050 with Sapphire Radeon RX 560 PULSE 4GB GDDR5 for Mojave but sleep is not working. Everything is just fine in 10.13.6. I tried RadeonDeInit in clover and also Lilu and Whatevergreen. Few seconds after sleep pc restarts, I see desktop for few seconds and the reboot. I use one...
  3. buttadeus

    Installation stops at +++++++++++

    Hi, I am trying to install 10.14 but it stops as in image. Now I have 10.13.6, latest clover build and it works fine. Does anyone knows what may be? Sorry for my english.
  4. buttadeus

    [Solved] eSATA external HDD not seen after 10.13 upgrade

    Hi, I have an external eSATA HDD and now I have to reboot after I turn it on to be able to use it on 10.13. It works just fine on 10.12.6 with same clover/UEFI/system configuration. Can someone tell me what should I do to be able to use it again? Thanks and sorry for my english!
  5. buttadeus

    XHCI and EHCI hand-off disabled

    Hi, because my z68xp-ud3 sometimes wakes up and some others don't, I tried different things to solve this. One of this was to disable XHCI and EHCI hand-off. After that system boot faster and is also faster in Cinebench than before. It also wakes up but is too soon to say that will always wake...