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  1. Swikanth

    Urgent Help! FCP x not rendering

    hello everyone, i have downloaded nvidia latest drivers and cuda drivers for GTX 960 2gb the display is workign fine..outputing 1920x1080 using nvidia card. the problem i having is rendering in final cut pro x- rendering a 3-4 min works fine...but i am not able to render a 1:30:00 clip(i need...
  2. Swikanth

    [Solved] Motherboard usb3.0 not working but front usb 3.0 working

    Hello guys, I am kinda new to this Hackintosh thing..i just followed a youtube video and did it.Most of my things are working fine expect mob usb 3.0. event front usb 3.0 is working.. BTW MOB audio is working fine,LAN is working fine..even 2.0 working fine as i am using keyboard and mouse and...
  3. Swikanth

    HELP ME! install mac os high sierra on PC?

    PC specs - i7 4770,ASUS mobo,16gb DDR3 ram,GTX 750ti/960,600W PSU i already have a macbook pro with me.THANKS :)