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  1. 3tybagig

    What is "setfile -a V /Volumes/Diskname" in Lion?

    It seems x11 unix commands are no longer available. I am missing this one setfile -a V /Volumes/Diskname Does anyone know how to hide a drive in Lion? Or how to get Unix commands back? Ty
  2. 3tybagig

    6850 Not in Profiler correctly

    Small odd issue looking for insight. My 6850 works great. Am using Duckweed and it loads the correct frambuffer but the card does not appear in system profiler. It shows up under Graphics/Display but not under PCi Cards. Something to do with Chimera? Or have I done something wrong? Ty
  3. 3tybagig

    [SOLVED]Gigabyte 6850 Dual Screens GE=Yes with Duckweed

    Hi I'm testing a Gigabyte 6850 Runs one monitor great and install was easy with Chimera. Thanks. But can't get any second monitor to work. I did not add any additional drivers, just stock 10.6.8 on an Asrock H61M with user DSDT and Sandy Bridge G650. I read lots of posts but have found...
  4. 3tybagig

    ITunes 10.3.1 crashing shortly after launch

    ITunes 10.3.1 crashing shortly after launch. Tried everything, reinstalled iTunes, reinstalled 10.6.8 combo update, repaired permissions... System is p67a-ud3-b3 I7-2600 Intel ssd Gtx-260 Dsdt and BIOS are all up to date. Any thoughts, recomendations?
  5. 3tybagig

    Won't Shutdown - P67A-UD3-B3 - what is the DSDT fix or kext

    Just built a GA-P76A-UD3-B3 i7-2600 10.6.8 clean install. Everything works great but not shutdown. Won't shutdown. restart works and everything else too. awesome system. Am using DSDT from the database and bios matches the DSDT (F4) Tried adding EVORBOOT to /e/e but still won't shutdown...
  6. 3tybagig

    Do we have SATA 3 kext/Driver?

    Just got a new SATAIII Drive. Plugged it into my GSATA port on GA-X58A-UD5 but benchmarks are same ase SATAII. Are we missing the driver? Ty
  7. 3tybagig

    Post your Cinibench scores for ATi cards with new Drivers.

    Let's post our Cinibench scores for ATi cards with the new 10.6.7 Drivers Sample: Setup: ATi - Gigabyte 5770 (Batmobile) OS: 10.6.7 Booter:Chameleon 2.0 RC5 r744 by Kabyl Driver: ATI Drivers (from multiBeast) injection: GraphicsEnabler=Yes System: P55A-UD5 i7-860 Ati-5770...
  8. 3tybagig

    Anyone tried 2200Mhz RAM?

    Hi Has anyone tried running the 2200Mhz RAM? I'm thinking of upgrading. My board and CPU are rated to support this RAM but wondering if anyone has tried. Encountered problems or solutions? I'll probably need a better cooler. Recommendations? Board is "GA-P55A-UD3P" CPU is 875K Bagig.