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  1. Montesumolo

    pastrychef's Asus ROG Strix Z370-G Gaming (WI-FI AC) build w/ i9-9900K + AMD Vega 56

    Thank you for your reply and effort @pastrychef I tried to figure out for the last week. But didn't find any solution for my FireWire problem until now. Tried different FireWire cables, PCIe slots and a lot of BIOS settings, e.g., PCI speed - gen3, disabling c states and other power management...
  2. erwinhayamz

    Need help build a budget Catalina desktop

    Anyway, is it possible to add firewire on th MT version? And is it possible to use this more simple / newbie method to this dell optiplex : Thanks
  3. davorr

    Most powerful CPU for Mojave me crazy and make it impossible to use it as a stable working machine? The following I'd like to connect to that PC: pcie firewire card (form TC Powercore FW, that works only up to Mojave) UAD Satelite TB3 Metric Halo LIO3 USB3 Audio Interface In a worst case I'd be ready to switch...
  4. Audio64

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Designare Z390 (Thunderbolt 3) + i7-9700K + AMD RX 580

    I checked. I tried to leave it plugged in and rebooted several times no reaction. I have a firewire external harddrive. Connected to Firewire to Thunderbolt Adapter doesnt work either. But this has worked before. So i guess this card is badly patched somehow. I have an unpatched card with this...
  5. ruvann

    No audio out firewire Focusrite Saffire 14. Input working? Ryzen & Opencore

    ...I've tried all layout ids through boot parameters and device properties and not a single one worked even when the Saffire and PCI firewire card was completely disconnected. Nothing has so far worked to get the ALC892 working. I've looked through a couple of people's config.plist files with...
  6. tomros

    boot problem after clover update

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" ""> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>#DisableDrivers</key> <array> <string>CsmVideoDxe</string> <string>VBoxExt4</string>...
  7. mobi

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Designare Z390 (Thunderbolt 3) + i7-9700K + AMD RX 580

    I'll roll back to Catalina till can afford a new audio interface, thanks for your help
  8. CaseySJ

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Designare Z390 (Thunderbolt 3) + i7-9700K + AMD RX 580

    ...Firewire cable after wake-from-sleep. Does the audio interface work properly in this case? Another option is to determine whether the Firewire card or adapter is the culprit. What is the make/model of the Firewire card/adapter? Also check if AppleVTD appears near the top of...
  9. Congnguyenbk93

    [GUIDE] HP Elitebook 8470p Radeon - Big Sur 11.2.3(11.4) | OpenCore

    Hi, my laptop is HP8470p with i53320m CPU and AMD7570 only,when i using your post EFI, my laptop was stucking at pci8086,154(as the attachment). I know my CPU i5 is different your CPU, but i don’t know fix it, i’m newbie. Pls give me some advice or you can fix it for me?(patch CPU i5 or...
  10. Feartech

    [Guide] Dell XPS 13 9360 on MacOS Sierra 10.12.x - LTS (Long-Term Support) Guide

    and yet you are still using clover configurator..... use xcode or plisteditpro to edit your config.plist you don't need any of those renames this is the state of your current config.plist: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN"...
  11. nottooshabby

    Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming build with working NVRAM

    I have the Titan Ridge card, and I have used the target disk mode. I did flash my Titan Ridge card though with the firmware from the Z390 Designaire thread. This was required to get my Apple Thunderbolt Display to work. It may also be what allowed target disk mode to work, but I cannot say...
  12. pastrychef

    Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming build with working NVRAM

    You can always just use Ethernet or Wi-Fi and enable File Sharing in System Preferences > Sharing.
  13. jonicraw

    Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming build with working NVRAM

    Yes I am using the GIGABYTE GC-Titan Ridge 2.0 (Titan Ridge Thunderbolt 3 PCIe Card Component). It was my understanding that the thunderbolt functions since the ethernet add on adapter recommended by Pastrychef worked. Not sure what else can be done to get it to work for target disk mode...
  14. CaseySJ

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Designare Z390 (Thunderbolt 3) + i7-9700K + AMD RX 580

    Hello @floodline, Based on your first sentence I'll assume that all of your questions pertain to the Gigabyte Z390 Designare. To answer your questions: Flashing the TB firmware on Z390 Designare is not necessary to get a video signal to most Thunderbolt displays. Thunderbolt displays -- with...
  15. DaveJ1

    [GUIDE] HP Elitebook 8470p Radeon - Big Sur 11.2.3(11.4) | OpenCore

    Hi guys! Let’s see, what we’re going to do in here. It was quite a challenge and took it numerous time to learn OC after Clover, hopefully you will be enjoy it. This Setup has only 1 graphics unit, which is a dGPU! All responsibilities is yours! Bios: - UEFI Hybrid(with CSM) - For QE/CI...
  16. BillyGoatGruff

    The Dell OptiMac Big Sur/OpenCore Thread - For 7020/9020 Optiplex Desktops

    Well better late than never! I have finally installed Big Sur on my 7020. @trs96 kudos! Another GREAT guide. Flawless install using your instructions. I have yet to test iMessage, Airdrop, Handoff etc, but so far Wifi+BT works so that's a good start. I've got a lot to learn about OC...
  17. Refuge

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte Designare Z390 (Thunderbolt 3) + i7-9700K + AMD RX 580

    Just to report back: The Fireface 400 works well with the TB3 to TB2 to FF adapters daisy chained. To get it running, I had to supply external power to the card instead through the Firewire bus, which coincidentally also helped with popping noises when switching the setup on and off. I did...
  18. etorix

    [SUCCESS] Gigabyte C246-WU4 and C246N-WU2 workstation(-lite) motherboards, up to 0.6.9 as of this writing. iMac19,1 SMBIOS (haven't tried iMac18,3 for High Sierra). No issue with Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur. It just works. And, for the fun of it, I have a PCI (not 'e'!) Firewire card (TI chipset) in the PCI slot of the C246-WU4: This oldie works out of the box.
  19. Arron

    New build for Music production & light video

    Yes thank you, sorry I wasn’t more clear about this. I have an old FireWire audio device that I want to keep using, but I have my eyes on an Apollo for the future.
  20. etorix

    New build for Music production & light video

    ...a Firewire-to-Thunderbolt adapter? In the latter case, all you actually need is a free PCIe x1 slot (can be wider of course), and a Firewire card based on a TI chipset: These work out of the box with OS X—and you don't have to care about Thunderbolt, which makes for an easier setup and widely...