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  1. intromission

    Couple of things I'm still working out, could use some help:

    So I'm just circling back with some updates and a couple of new questions. I'm a teacher in a school district that is working in a hybrid model + I have some remote students as well so I have not been able to give this as much attention as I would have liked, and it's working well enough that I...
  2. intromission

    Building a new rig with older parts. Questions about OS and WIFI.

    Hey All, It's been a while since I've been on. Successfully built a Snow Leopard hackintosh for audio work back in 2013 that is still going strong, as well as a functioning Snow Leopard Probook 4530s in 2014, which I later upgraded to Lion in 2016/17 and added the correct WIFI card to-Also...
  3. intromission

    How to attach SSD hard drive for cloning?

    Hello, Do I need to install a caddy in place of the optical drive in order to clone my dying hard drive? I know there are USB enclosures as well but I'm guessing via SATA cable would be better. I potentially might want to expand to a second regular drive for storage as my SSD is only 240GB...
  4. intromission

    Received SMART hard disk error (301), what's next?

    Hi folks, My dog accidentally knocked the laptop off the couch a few days ago while it was on. When I went to use it the next day, everything seemed a little bit slower, and I was getting freezes and spinning beach balls. Without thinking I ran Disk repair from Disk Utility, not remembering I...
  5. intromission

    Correct WIFI card installed but having issues

    So I finally got around to attempting to get working WIFI on this laptop, but I'm having some bizarre issues. Some seem linked to other threads I've read, and I've tried those workarounds to no avail. The one difference I'm experiencing is that I've randomly been able to get it working a...
  6. intromission

    Issues after Unibeast and Probook Installer

    Hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Seems that this method is no longer supported and frowned upon but I'm at a loss as to what to do next. I've spent the last 4-5 hours trying different things and now it seems I've gotten myself deeper in the hole. Unibeast successfully went...
  7. intromission

    Lion bootable USB space after Unibeast?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to finally upgrade my Snow Leopard Probook 4530s to Lion and Unibeast went through to completion but when I tried to eject the USB stick it said the Installer partition was still busy and I had to force eject. It's showing 4.42 GB of space used, does that sound right? Thanks.
  8. intromission

    [solved] 1 Error When Compiling DSDT. How do I eliminate it?

    It says 6073 error: Object is not accessible from this scope (BDAT)? Thanks in advance!
  9. intromission

    "New," Refurbished Probook 4530s: General System Failure (black screen) after Kernel Panic

    Good morning folks, So I started up the Probook just fine out the box, registered everything, and made sure all was in order before installing Snow Leopard. I shut down, started with Iboot and incorrectly hit OSX without swapping the discs, which resulted in a Kernel Panic. I had to force a...
  10. intromission

    I'm thinking I may have reached an impasse with the HD3000

    ga z-77 ds3h v1.0 i5 2500k 16 gb RAM My Hack runs great. It's the first computer I've ever built and I use it for music production. Logic, Ableton Live, and Maschine are running just fine. I gave up on having a functional ethernet port following the upgrade to 10.6.8. Tried many different...